— fengshui

I am really sad. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was polishing my photoshop skills? Where did time go? I’ve mentally check-marked everything off on wrapping up ds106.

  • I have written/typed three blog posts; this one, one for final project, and a reflection video blog post.
  • I scheduled a meeting with Prof Groom for my ds106 portfolio on Friday at 4pm.
  • I’ve organized my blog (reference to pages below header) according to assignment types, TDCs, best works, tutorials, and assignments created with the exception of course participation because I was excused by Prof Groom himself that I need not to provide proof for comments/participation. (thanks, Prof Groom! you’re the best)
  • I’ve made a backup on UMW blogs and imported/exported everything from this blog. I also indicate the URL for my UMW blogs on my main ds106 website. At this point, I’m probably going to let go of my blog 🙁 I’m not very good with keeping up with blogs in general so I doubt I’ll be using it much. But keeping up with this blog has been such a blast and I’ll miss blogging about assignments very much!
  • I’ve made my final project and final video post! Go look for it 🙂

And ..that’s a wrap.

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This is so weird. The audio was lagging just a minute ago before I uploaded the video and now it works! What luck. Anyway, I hope you can hear me well. I usually have a very soft voice and I tried to speak up but I didn’t want to scare you! Haha, just kidding. Please don’t criticize my speaking, I get very nervous and lose my train of thoughts.. even in front of the computer screen. 🙁 

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In this last tutorial, I elaborated on how to change your voice in audacity so that it is no longer discernible. In my audio assignment, I managed to change the pitch of my voice so that I sound like a chipmunk! Enjoy 🙂

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

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Completely alter your voice using audacity so that it is no longer discerable. You can use whatever method to achieve this effect – sing a song, tell a joke, recite a quote, etc etc.

I took the infamous Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe song and changed the pitch into the chipmunks version. It is definitely the most hilarious thing I have ever done. The process wasn’t so difficult — I first searched for the karaoke version of Call Me Maybe and downloaded the soundtrack on vidtomp3. I imported the soundtrack to audacity and recorded my singing to the main chorus. I was really careful on trying to sound on beat with the karaoke and not messing up. After I finished recording, I changed the pitch to a really high chipmunk sounding voice and I cut the soundtrack down to the main chorus. Then, I exported the final project, and there you have it! My chipmunk voice morphing is complete 🙂 Enjoy! 

Voice morphing — chipmunks! by feng_shui

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Make a two minute video featuring the best/fave moments in ds106.

Oh man I’m going to miss doing these assignments.. I feel like I’ve learned a lot but can still sharpen up my video skills. So in this assignment, I’ve decided to go all out by adding as many special effects as I possibly can without “over-doing” it. I gave it my best shot. I borrowed existing media from online ds106 sources, so I guess this video can also be categorized in the remixed assignments.  Here it is! Enjoy 🙂

Update:// I made some edits so as to meet the minimum 2 minutes. This should work!


sources: inspire, photography, emre5807, folley

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I’m not sure when I figured out what I wanted to do for my final project, but the main inspiration behind it came with the idea of blogging daily creates. At the end of each week, we are to blog at least three daily creates, and so I integrated that process to blogging about my mood for each day, provided with pictures that depict how I feel. At first I wanted the pictures to do all the talking and telling but then I unconsciously start summarizing my day and what I did. So pretty much I had 7 days a week’s worth of my life at Mary Washington, compressed to a blog post. A few weeks going into the final project, I had ambivalent feelings of keeping my diary “interesting,” but that quickly disappeared as I saw comments from Brian, Emily, James, and Prof. Groom. Honestly I’ve never written/typed so much in a diary, let alone a digital diary for a set amount of weeks. So scanning through blog post after blog post, I finally start to see my final project come to life. This diary also gives me a chance to be creative and artsy with photography that I found compelling since the beginning of the photography chapter in ds106 (actually, since ever.) I’m kind of a big fan of photography in general. 

Similar to a notebook diary, a digital diary is just another mode for storytelling. The process of constantly sharing, photographing, sympathizing, and creating is to form something that the majority of people can either relate or understand. This is my story. 

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Sunday, April 22

It is rainy and cloudy outside and I’ve got a set of other problems — homework, studying, and presentations all coming up too soon. I have already created two more assignments which I will later complete with my own take on the assignments. A friend gave me a ride to the bank of america ATM to deposit a refund check; came back, did some homework, and went to the library to finish researching for a presentation on Tuesday. Sadly, I left my umbrella back home (Nova) so I had to walk in the rain with my hoodie up. I came back to my dorm, revised an English essay and played some fruit ninja before studying for Biology. I’m also feeling a little hot on the head recently and that’s definitely not a good sign…


rain shower. what a lovely sight.


this was not taken on my account.



Saturday, April 21

From 10 in the morning till 2pm, SHH held a car wash fundraiser behind chick-fil-a. A couple people held up posters alongside the road for cars to see and the rest were either waiting for cars to wash or in the process of cleaning cars. In the end of the day, we made a total of ~$250, which is not so bad for standing outside for 4 hours. We came back to campus and had lunch. Then I watched some Avatar and took a little nap (but not really).



doggy in the fountain?!




tired from car wash

Friday, April 20

Today started off with a very “dreamy floating” day quoted from Alan Levine’s daily create photo. I was very spacey and procrastinated on work, but eventually I got them done. I scheduled a meeting at the writing center, posted SHH scavenger hunt fliers on buildings, inquired Mary Washington hospital, and studied for a little bit. Then I had dinner with James and watched some anime before doing some homework. Some of my friends came over to James’ apartment and we all watched some TV show.





Thursday, April 19

Oh man, I’ve been so so tired but that doesn’t mean work goes away by itself. But I took a long 3 hours nap today! I feel a little better after waking up but still drowsy. 🙁 I went to class and then had lunch, went to James’ apartment to watch some Avatar before going back to my dorm and studying before IV large group. And.. that’s pretty much it.

Wednesday, April 18

Running on a tight schedule under a rainy/windy day. Went to classes, came back and did some homework before lunch, and then went to visit and see a friend’s house that I will be renting this summer. Then went to Lee to take care of a financial aid document for next year. After, I went back to my dorm, gathered my books and laptop and headed over to the library to meet with a friend for a presentation project coming up. I came back to my dorm, had dinner in a little bit, and went to small group bible study. Now I am back at my dorm and studying for finals. PHEW. 

rainy walkway


trying to be artsy.

Tuesday, April 17

Woke up, went to Monroe to print my paper, went to class, took my biology lab test, had lunch, chilled for 2-3 hours before dinner, dinner @ BCM, went to ds106 class, then to Sweet Frog, SHH meeting, and finally back home. Trouble Tuesdays.


eagle swoop?



Sweet Frogg





I love clouds

Monday, April 16

Spent the day cramming on last minute english paper and studying for my biology lab test for tomorrow. AHHHH!!

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Here is my third video tutorial. Enjoy! 🙂

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

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TDC103 image: Take a picture of a word or sign that represents the kind of day you’re having.

moose w/ moostache

TDC101 image: Take a photo in which a mirror is a major element.


TDC100 image: It’s the 100th Daily Create – Create a photo representing this number.

Representing 100th daily create

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TDC97 image: Take a photo of a bumper sticker; what is the relation to the vehicle it’s on? 

South of the Border. The owner of the vehicle might reside in the southern states?

bumper sticker

TDC95 image: Take a photo from behind someone’s head looking at something.

fb, huh?

TDC93 image: Make a hat and tiny eyes photo

hat   tiny eyes, literally

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Sunday, April 15

It’s so HOT outside! My parents came today and brought me homemade food along with summer clothes and a passport for financial aid purposes. In return, I packed a suitcase of winter clothes and other materials that I no longer need for the rest of the semester. We briefly talked about what I will be doing during the summer and how life is back home for them. Then they left as my friends came to get me for dinner. I wish they would stay longer though because I have missed them :(. But then again there’s only two more weeks of school left till summer and I’ll be back home for two weeks until summer classes commence. For now, I’ll just worry about finals and applying for summer volunteering at Mary Wash Hospital. Taking things one step at a time…



so artsy fartsy


why so down?



hey James whatcha doing? 😉

Saturday, April 14

I woke up to what sounds like an incoherent mash of loud, deep bass, sappy kids playing outside, drums, instrumental music, and an echo-y speaker with his/her mic turned up all the way. Needless to say, it was not pleasant. But this is multicultural fair which happens every year during Springtime. I have just completed my final 6 stars, so a total of 15/15 stars for the week. I still have much homework to do in other classes but for now I think I will contribute to the in[SPIRE] page and listen/watch to everythingisaremix video before heading out to join in the fair event. I wish I had stayed at the fair but I went to James’ apartment to watch Avatar instead. Then came back to my dorm to finish up assignments. But I took pictures of the fair so at least I was there.. for a brief moment. 



Moon bounce!!


Friday, April 13

It’s Friday but it feels like Wednesday, or Thursday. And it’s the 13th… but I don’t believe in that superstitious stuff. Anywho, I went to classes, came back, and got a remix assignments done. I had dinner with SHH at the CCC (Christian Community Church?) and now I am being productive and knocking down some homework at a friend’s dorm. At 7pm, I went to the Awake tour playing at Ball Circle that was hosted by the prayer furnace. I was fortunate enough to witness a powerful wave of worship among students and members of the Fredericksburg community, and listened to a testimony preached by a distinguished member of the prayer furnace. I am so lucky to be part of a huge movement of intercession and worship. Here are some pictures and a video. 🙂 

blinding light

campus at sunset
campus at sunset

singing & worshipping
the awakening tour!

more worship

singing & worshiping

"the awakening"

Thursday, April 12

A pretty relaxing day. I had a little nail polish party with some friends, punctuated with some of our favourite Korean pop music. Later, I watched some Avatar with James. I’m kind of stoked for the weekend because I’m really looking forward to the Video Games Olympics that I will attend. 🙂 Not that I’m good at video games at all.. but I have been wanting to play DDR or Dance Dance Revolution! Also, there’s the Multicultural Fair to look forward to. I am super excited! 


Anne is concentrating really hard on polishing her nails..


Gradient from blue to green.


Gradient from red to purple.


Ta-daa! You dig? I do.


Jojo is using a mocha coffee bottle cap in essence for painting her nails. It’s kind of a new technique.


Yay colours!


Wednesday, April 11

I received full marks on my Bio presentation!! Woooo. That brightened up my day a heck of a lot more. Anyway, my schedule ran like it normally would. I had classes in the morning till 2pm. After classes, I enjoyed and a had a nice conversation with one of my Bio group members at Sweet Frog. She is the kindest, motivational, and humble girl I have ever met. Just being in her presence makes me feel a whole lot ..how should I say, enlightened? Even her ethnicity is special. Maybe I’m exaggerating it a little but I’m just fortunate to have met someone like her. She makes me want to become a better person. That’s the best way I can put it that wouldn’t sound weird, I guess. So yeah, we had Sweet Frog, it was wonderful, and then we went to Giant to buy me some milk & cereal. I went back home and did some “homework.” Then I watched Avatar the Last Air bender at James’ casa because we’re cool like that. And that pretty much summed up my day. 



Tuesday, April 10

There was a fire alarm at 3am in the morning in Willard which alarmed and angered me because I was already fast asleep and had a class at 8am the next day. We were already through with fire drills and I overheard someone had set off a real fire and that this is not a drill, but fortunately, that’s not the case. One of the RA’s said the fire alarm was triggered by a heat pump(?) and it may be occur again. Cross my fingers and hope for a restful night. Besides that, the weather has just been so wonderful lately. I had a Biology presentation today that went really well and received full marks on it :). And we finished dissecting a fetal pig but I’ll spare the atrocity of it all. After morning classes, I napped a bit (but not really) outside with friends. Then I had dinner, ds106 class, and SHH meeting. Now I’m back home and getting ready to do some reading. See ya!

Monday, April 9

Homework, homework, homework. What can I say?

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I am late on this blog post which should’ve been posted last week but it’s never too late to start blogging! Having finished watching all four videos of Everything Is A Remix, I am pretty neutral on the central idea of taking an existing material to produce something new. I think it’s part of the movement that people are always trying to create something new by copying and transforming an existing material. I think that’s how people expand on their creativity. Ferguson’s second video of Everything Is A Remix is quite an eye-opener. It’s so fascinating how he draws out all the derivative movies such as Star Trek films, Friday the 13th films, and James Bond movies. I knew there were many renditions of movies but not as many as the ones that were illustrated in the video. The third video really made me think. Ferguson narrated the underlying principle that scientific inventions were also a part of the remix movement. Ferguson introduced the notion of science as “a continual line of invention by many different people.” The way he approached this idea by implementing science as a remix is in a way mind-shattering to me because I have grown up learning and re-learning that Henry Ford did invent the automobile and Thomas Edison did invent the first light bulb. But one thing I now know for sure is these were the first people to make scientific advancements and improvements on the pre-existing materials, thus remixing played a major part during the Industrial Revolution.

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Remix value: 6 stars!

Original Assignment: Minimlist Travel Posters Based in Movies created by Jim Groom
Create a minimalistic travel poster for a location in film, TV series, etc. Look at these awesome examples using the various locations in the original Star Wars trilogy: http://screenrant.com/sr-pick-minimalist-star-wars-travel-posters-robf-44551/

Remix card: Pollack Style 

Take any assignment and introduce the visual elements of a Jackson Pollack painting (good luck with audio, use your creativity!).

I used Danielle Minter’s spooky beauty and the beast travel poster into a pollack style painting, or so I attempted. The site for Jack’s  Pollack paintings gave forth many ideas of what style I want the remix poster to look like. I decided to create a haunted and abandoned castle in addition to the already spooky effect. To do this I would use the sketchy, trail, and sticky pencil type tools on pixlr. Then I used the pinch tool and sharpen tool on the wording for a subtle dramatization effect. Lastly, I used the spot heal tool on the edges of the castle for an even spookier look. A wild idea formed in my head as I finished up this assignment. I thought maybe I could give life to the castle by making it into an animation and adding audio, but I realized that I don’t have Photoshop. It would be really neat to hear and see the lightning strike, and I’m sure that would ignite fear or any other raw emotion in a few people. But I hope you enjoy the remix as is! 🙂 15/15 stars! 

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Remixed value: 5 stars

Success for completing another remix assignment!! I’m getting the hang of this and I’m loving the results.

Original Assignment

Cropped Signs created by cogdog

We think of creation as addition, but there is a form of creation by deletion (e.g. Newspaper Blackout poetry http://newspaperblackout.com/) In this assignment, you need to change, alter, enhance the meaning of a sign by cropping out parts of it. This should be doing in camera, but could also be done in post- crop out, but do not photoshop in any extras. Also, be sure to describe in you caption or blog post what the original sign said. For the example below, the sign said “No Canada Tennis Parking” but by removing the last word, it makes it sound more like a radical anti-tennis call for action.

Remixed with “Turn up the Cheese”: Use the worst, over the top design elements in an assignment. Use Arial or Papyrus fonts, green and pink colors, sappy music to make an assignment be the epitome of badness (not the good kind of bad).

I just realized that I have done the previous remix assignment wrong, so I will correct and redo this assignment instead. I am too proud of my first “remix” assignment so I will leave it as is. I browsed through the examples of cropped signs and stumbled upon this innovative designed sign. So I opened the image onto pixlr and used clone stamp tool by copying the background color to remove the words. Then I added the same text but with a different font — papyrus, as suggested in the instructions. The top elements I manipulated to create this distorted effect upon the sign were: hue & saturation, invert, solarize, and and posterize. I am pretty pleased with the remixed sign, although it would have been more pleasing and admirable if I had kept it. Actually, I might just as well show my own cropped image and remix since I did put work and effort into making it.

Original Sign:

Remixed Sign:

My own sign:

Remixed sign: I wouldn’t say it looks completely distorted.. it does look pretty BA, if I don’t say so myself ;).

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Remixed value: 4 stars

This assignment was SO much fun and amusing. I didn’t get a chance do one of these fat cat assignments before my stars filled up so I took this opportunity to do it.

Original Assignment: Fat Cats make Art Better created by Annie Belle
Using this site: http://fatcatart.ru/category/klassy-ka/ as a platform for ideas, and using Photoshop (or something like it) as your tool, place a fat cat into a photo of a classic art piece. The goal is to make it convincing: make the art become on with the cat. 

Most of all, enjoy! :0) And remember, fat cats make art better. 

Remixed with “Yo Mamma”: Give an assignment a sassy Yo Mama Joke flavor “Yo Mama’s GIF is so slow it looks like a still image”

Inspired by the website Annie Belle provided, I searched and found a Michelangelo painting titled The Creation of Adam using Google images. Unfortunately, my Adobe Photoshop CS5 trial expired so I tried re-downloading it using a different email which failed. Luckily, I found this cool photo editor called pixlr via this person’s blog that features almost the same functions as PS CS5. It was really easy to use and maneuver. I opened the image onto the website and opened the fat cat as a new layer. I then used the eraser tool to erase the background and edges of the cat. Then I used the clone stamp tool to adjust the fat cat’s skin (or fur) tone with the two men in the painting. Lastly I used the sponge tool to saturate and desaturate the colour on the cat’s fur for a more plausible appearance. After editing, I saved the image and opened up cheezburger to give the picture a “Yo Momma” caption.  I was indecisive whether or not to use the phrase “Yo Momma” or “Yo Cat” for the caption, but after a while of earnest thinking, I decided to use the “Yo Cat” since it sounds a lot more attractive. I used this website for a funny “Yo Momma” joke inspiration and ended up using one of its jokes instead: “Yo Cat is so fat she fell in love and broke it.” Enjoy 🙂 

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Sunday, April 8 

Happy Easter!! My family doesn’t really celebrate this traditional holiday but I do because it holds religious significance for me. Anyway, I woke up spent the day chilling and doing homework at James’ apartment. (once again…) 





Saturday, April 7

Woke up at 11:30am! Spent the day at James’ apartment working real hard on these video/mashup assignments. So far I have completed 22 stars for weeks 9-11. 8 more stars to finish by Sunday! Oh I also made a little adventure to the newly constructed Sweet Frog right by Giant. 


Stumbled upon this pretty little stream on my way to seaco.



Mary Wash is so beautiful in the spring.


I’m addicted and I just can’t get enough..

Friday, April 6

Wait what… today’s Friday? Guess I’ll spend it working on ds106 video assignments. 🙂 

Thursday, April 5

Today has been a relatively productive and fun day. I had a study party with a friend, went to noodles & company for dinner, studied some more, and watched… Teen Wolf with friends because I don’t watch that kind of show alone. 


I always love this little river(?) that flows below the bridge to the nest.



My favorite spot on campus so far. I love walking through this bridge (or whatever you want to call it). I can admire the river on the left and lovely bushes and leaves on the right. Of course I had to edit the picture to create this nature-y effect that really brings out the true beauty of this scene.


we are being really productive… really. 🙂


Captured inside a moving car, on our way to noodles & company.


Yeah, we finished everything. No big deal.


besties #4life.


how cute. playing VIDEO GAMES.


Wednesday, April 4

The weather’s been treating me very well today. So how can I not take a picture today? I hope it stays wonderful the rest of the week because I definitely need something to look forward to besides all these tests and assignments due. 




Tuesday, April 3

Read, study, homework, life problems, etc etc etc.

Monday, April 2

I have been very productive today. I registered for Fall 2012 classes, studied for upcoming bio test, studied for upcoming health test, and researched a bit on nursing programs. I also plan on taking summer classes for my intended major. I count today as a good day. 🙂 

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Last 5 stars! 30/30

Synopsis: For this assignment, select scenes from 3-5 movies. These scenes should represent scenes that changed your life or made some sort of dramatic, traumatic, lasting, or emotional impact on you. When you have selected those scenes, create a video that shows the scenes and includes audio/video of you describing what it is about the scene that made a significant impact on you, what you are fond of about the scenes, what scares you, what you remember thinking when you were a child, etc. Feel free to be liberal in your interpretation of the instructions. Keep in mind, however, that the primary point is to recall 3-5 movie scenes that have made a lasting impact on you (whatever the reason for that impact may be.) When you are finished, upload the video to your blog, and, If you are inspired, expand on the reasons why you connect with the specific scenes in your video. Check out an example here: http://blog.rossannamarie.me/movie-scenes/

I knew I had to do this video assignment because I just have a mental archive of a lot of great, inspiring, and emotional movies I have ever seen. There were just too many awesome films, but I went with the top three that first popped in my head. In my video, I talked about The Time Traveller’s Wife, Toy Story 3, and Ip Man. At first I tried to keep the video short but I didn’t want to chop out too many sections of a scene because I was afraid the fluidity and sequence would be lost. I’m pretty confident eight minutes wouldn’t really bore anyone since these are scenes are pretty darn appealing. Let me know what you think! 

Movie Scenes that Changed our Lives from Feng Chen on Vimeo.

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TDC90 image: Create an interesting photo that includes looking through one object to see another. 

looking through one object to see another

TDC88 image: Take a photo that includes repeating geometric figures. 



TDC86 image: Draw love. 

love is everywhere

"love is everywhere"

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Synopsis: How much of a story can you tell in a 1 second video? Inspired by this:http://vimeo.com/32071937

I am really intrigued by these 1 second, 5 second, 30 second video assignments. They’re quick and fun. I couldn’t really think of an inspiring late night 1 second story but I think it’s pretty much self-explanatory once you watch this video. By the way, the person in this video is none other than James Cruz. 🙂 1 star

P.S. I did make some enhancements on the video for brightness because it looks so dark, but I don’t think it really made much of a difference. But if you couldn’t tell what’s going on, it’s James rolling around on the floor.

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Synopsis: Make a supershort, 5-second film; basically enough time for one gag, bit, or joke. See examples (ALERT: Not G-rated, generally) athttp://5secondfilms.com/. Or alternatively, try your hand at creating a 5 second version of a major movie.

Whooot 5 second film. Featured in this video is James playing an xbox game called Halo with his roommate (I didn’t include James’ roommate but you can hear him). Every weekend (I would like to say every other day) James would play Halo with his roommates and since he was playing tonight, I thought it would be a good idea to record him for this assignment. I think Halo’s the epitome of gag since it’s just not very appealing to me. (but James would argue otherwise) 3 stars

P.S. Only 5 more stars left till I reach 30 stars!! 🙂

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Synopsis: Take a favorite cartoon or anime like show, take some clips, mash them together and add music to it. Try to pick out a specific theme in your clips that follow the theme of the music. Keep an eye out for changes in the music and plan your clips accordingly.

For examples check out youtube and type in “AMV”, or look at this one.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8vvTQDrPec

At first glimpse of this assignment, I became super excited to do it. I knew the exact anime I wanted to use — Full Metal Alchemist. There were just too many awesome scenes and characters that I could use for a music video. Of course I would use sound tracks and OST’s from the actual anime because it sounds best when the audio were from the anime. I went on Youtube to find the scenes I wanted to incorporate along with its sound tracks. Then I went on keepvid to download the videos and vidtomp3 to download the sound track. I opened MPEG and imported the videos to remove all audio before opening it on windows live movie maker. Here is where I have been having some major computer issues. 

So I opened WLMM and began trimming and editing videos. 30 minutes into editing and an error bar about to windows live movie maker popped up. I ignored it but then all of a sudden a blue screen popped up with a warning label explaining that my laptop has crashed and restarted itself. I was so frustrated because I didn’t save any of my work but thankfully, I wasn’t too far into the editing process and I knew what I was doing. However, the second time before my laptop crashed again, I was working on my music video and I noticed the top screen looked a little weird. There appeared to be some squiggly lines and it looked like there was some system malfunctioning going on. That was the precursor to the blue screen appearing and my laptop crashed again (but this time I saved my video). Now I fear that every time I use my WLMM, my laptop will crash. So I guess I’ll finish the rest of my work on James’ laptop (which will be hard for him because he also needs to work on his 15 stars). I’ll update more details later. 

video & sound track sources: clip 1,  clip 2, clip 3clip 4, clip 5, clip 6, sound 1



I actually cut out a lot of scenes and sound tracks. The video was supposed to turn out 6 minutes long but I decided to cut down to half, 3 minutes. Nobody wants to listen to a 6 minute video (and plus, most of the songs were sad and gloomy) and the video was dragging too long. To help with transitioning from a sound track to another, I faded the music to ‘medium’ to make the sound flow more smoothly. I am a lot more familiar with WLMM now than when I first accessed it, which helps a lot because now it’s easier to make revisions. Anyways, here you go! 4 stars

FMA music video from Feng Chen on Vimeo.

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Synopsis: Take your favorite movie trailer and mash it up with a different trailer to completely change the meaning of the original trailer. For example, if you have a funny movie trailer, give it the sound of a terrifying movie; or vice versa. You may need to clip the audio or the visual, use imovie and audacity to cut the clips to give you what you need. Good luck!

Here we go… Honestly it never crossed my mind that this 5 star video assignment would take me such a short amount of time to finish. But I did. It was really difficult to come up with two movies that would provoke a different response when combined. I went through other peoples’ works, trying to figure out the best way to approach this assignment. After watching a couple of videos, a spark of idea came to me. I was inspired by Alan Levine’s Driving Groovy mashup. I realized an aspect to creating a successful mashup is to find a key element evident in both trailers. I went back on Youtube and searched for The Little Mermaid trailer (because it’s my all time favourite disney film). I noticed the theatrical element was apparent in the trailer, so I brainstormed some other theatrical movies and Glee popped up. Of course Glee is known as one of the most popular theatrical/musicals in the TV world so it sounds logical to pair them both. I also thought the song best matches the trailer because it relates to the theme of youth and ignorance. 

Process: I downloaded the Little Mermaid trailer using keepvid and the song “We Are Young” (Glee version) from vidtomp3. Then I opened MPEG and stripped audio from The Little Mermaid trailer. I opened the trailer onto windows live movie maker and so began the long process of video editing (or so I thought). Who would’ve thought the song easily aligned with the video. Of course not all parts of the lyrics harmonized with the visuals, but for the most part, there was fluidity. I rearranged and trimmed 4 parts of the clip to best align with the lyrics and even slowed the speed of the video on some sections. These tools were used all to create a sense of fluidity and coherence. I am pleased with the outcome of my work but I feel that it would have been a greater achievement if I used two completely opposing themes and trailers. Still, I hope you enjoy my mashup, and please comment if you like it! 🙂 Thanks. 4 stars

The Little Mermaid & Glee Mashup from Feng Chen on Vimeo.

sources: “We Are Young” & The Little Mermaid trailer

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Synopsis: Create a five second video of one archetype from five different movies cutting together one second of each. Examples could include: Prisoners, Thieves, Beauty Queens, Kings, Robin Hoods, James Bonds, Bank Robbers, Assassins, Bad Boys, Kung Fu Masters, Femme Fatales, Sports Heroes, High School Bullies, Rogue Police Officers, Brainiacs, Pregnancies, Principals, Mean Teachers, InspirationalTeachers, Gunslingers, Gangsters, Monsters, Bartenders, Warrior Princesses, Swordsman, Knights, Mad Scientists, Nerd Girls, Obstructive Bureaucrats, Sidekicks, Wise Old Men, Hardboiled Detectives, Tough Coaches, Swooning Ladies. Check out an example here: http://www.michaelbransonsmith.net/blog/2012/03/26/dollhouse-of-nerd-girls/

For this video assignment, I chose to make a compilation of disney princess villains from five different films. First I used keepvid to download the scenes where the villain’s true colours are unleashed. It took me about an hour to decide whether or not to remove the audio and provide background music. But I settled on using the original audio because it took too long to think of a song that would fit with the scenes. I then went into windows live movie maker to cut the specific scenes, keeping in mind the one second mark of each scene. I think anyone can agree that cutting each scene down to a second is probably the hardest, if not, one of the hardest part of this assignment. The trim tool is my best friend. It aided all problems I had with cutting out a specific scene. I tried my best aiming for the 5sec mark (got down to 6secs!), but I think I did a decent job since splicing down to 5 seconds is kind of tough. I really enjoyed playing with this video assignment. Hope you like it! 🙂 3 stars!


I thought it was pretty clever to end the last second with Princess Aurora following the evil green light, as if exiting the scene.

Disney archetypes from Feng Chen on Vimeo.

Also, from now on, I will upload video assignments to Vimeo since Youtube banned my first “copyright infringement” video.

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I know I have been slacking on the video assignments, given that the date has been extended to finish 30 stars for weeks 9, 10, and 11. Here are my list of video choices that I will work on for the rest of the week and I’ll make sure to have them done by Sunday. You have my word on that.

Movie Trailer Mashup (4 stars)

One Archetype, Five Movies, 5 Seconds (3 stars)

Movie Scenes that Changed Our Lives (5 stars)

5 Second Film (3 stars)

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Sunday, April 1

April Fool’s! 🙂 ’nuff said. 

Saturday, March 31

Volleyball Tournament is here and I woke up late – around 8ish (because I was supposed to wake up at 7am to help set-up) Ouch. By the time 10 – 11 rolled around, we had everything set up and teams were arriving to register! I helped out with passing out raffle tickets for people to pick and choose for their prizes. I believe we had over 13 teams out on Ball Circle (although there were a couple teams who had not shown up) and no single rain drop from the sky so this fundraiser was a huge success! After passing out tickets for teams that have registered, I was then stationed at the cotton candy machine. I’ve never had so much cotton candy in my life.. I probably had around 7 rolls (eek! too much sugar). Other than cotton candy, there were food, water, entertainment (i.e. PAC dancers, Bhangra Beat, and a band). Overall the volleyball tournament was fun to watch (other SHHers participated in the game) and I think it was very successful with one exception… the police stopped by to notified us a complaint from the community. Our music was too loud. Bummer. Oh well, I had a good day, and now I’m spending the rest studying. Good night 🙂 

Friday, March 30

Finally, Friday is here!! Relieved and looking forward to SHH (Students Helping Honduras) Volleyball Tournament tomorrow!! 🙂

Thursday, March 29

My mood has been just great lately :). Not to mention, today’s weather was gorgeous! I was ecstatic to have a little reunion with a friend who I haven’t seen since last year. She brought her dog, Sophie (who I’ve missed so much!), and we had lunch outside the nest enjoying the beautiful weather. We caught up with chapters in our lives, new and old, and I was happy to hear that she is coming back next semester for classes. To sum it up, today’s been a good day. Stress is at an optimal level, so that’s not too bad. Anyway, I’m going to get back to studying for biology. See ya. 🙂

Lauren and I on a sunny day :)

Wednesday, March 28

Tonight I have received a phone call from my brother and mother and we had the best, one of the most memorable conversations ever. I can’t explain all the details because it’s all confidential, but it was one of those few bonding moments that legitimately made me really really happy. I just can’t explain in words. That phone call was the highlight of my day, and I’m glad to be in this emotional position because I feel a lot less stressful. That’s all, good night. 🙂 

mommy :)

Tuesday, March 27

It is cold/windy out! I have spent the day bundled up inside (and took occasional visits to the nest for food) working on typical homework. Nothing surprising. 

homeworkk yay!

Monday, March 26

I just realized there are only 5 more weeks of school left till summer! But.. I’m not excited. Because I’ll be taking summer classes for Chemistry 🙁 Booo… Anyway, today I spent the entire day studying. Feels like a habit now – wake up, go to class, come back from class, advisor meeting, lunch, bio study session, come back to dorm, study for 5 hours, dinner, more studying. This is my life right now and it sucks because my stress meter has just gone up 10 fold since spring break. But what are the positives? Well.. I’m being very productive and studious, like a good college student should be. But.. my social life has totally gone down the drain. I need to work on that. Well, I better get back to *studying* for my two tests tomorrow. I didn’t take any pictures for today since I’ve spent pretty much all day burying my head in the books. :'(

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TDC83 image: Sketch a place you’d rather be right now. Bonus points for colour!

playing outdoors with friends.


TDC80 image: Glamorize your ride with a photograph worthy of its service to you. 


TDC79 image: Geoglogy is everywhere, parks, building materials, etc. Photograph a local geological feature. 

me w/ cherry blossom tree

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Synopsis: For this assignment you need to select several scenes from your favorite film (or one of your favorites), and edit them together and comment on some of the filmic elements of the scenes? Why do you like these scenes? What strikes you about them? What makes them good cinema? Is there a subtext at work in this film? In short, construct an essayistic commentary on the scenes as a narrator explaining to your audience what you find important about the scene, and why. What’s more, what do the details you have pinpointed say about the film more generally. For an excellent example, see Rob Ager’s analysis of space in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shininghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sUIxXCCFWw

For this assignment, I chose the same scenes as I did for my pre-production analysis. The most tedious part was to align the video with my voice-over and making sure the audio in the movie played at a decent volume. For timing, I actually used two laptops…. James’ for playing the video and mine to record on audacity. This is probably not the smartest way, but what’s done is done and it sounds pretty good (except that my voice isn’t distinctly clear). I think I would have enjoyed this video assignment if I weren’t too concerned about my own homework assignments but it was still a good attempt. Enjoy! 🙂


I uploaded the video essay on vimeo, so hopefully there’s no copyright issues. Let me know if there are any problems with this video.

Video essay – Titanic from Feng Chen on Vimeo.

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Sunday, March 26.

Nothing like an entire day to spend working on this week’s upcoming tests/assignments. At least, that’s what Sundays are for, right? #overwhelmed. 

Saturday, March 25.

Cherry blossoms festival day!! Last night we planned on waking up early in morning to take the metro. So we set our alarms at 8, or at least one of us did. Naturally, we woke up an hour later. I pulled on some shorts and a cardigan with flip flops and left at 10. I have already anticipated the weather, but still, we were convinced to go. We reached the Smithsonian metro stop and walked not long before we have arrived near the monument where cherry blossoms bloomed. I took some pictures of the lovely flowers but the sudden wave of wind and rain made it hard to admire the cherry blossoms. We left after a few minutes of picture-taking and that’s when it really started to pour. We were all feeling hungry so we went to grab some lunch at Chipotle. Let’s just say I did not choose appropriate enough clothes or footwear. I felt really irritated because I was freezing cold and wanted to go home. However, we ended up going to the Smithsonian Art Museum and walked through the history of video games. I, myself played pac-man in front of a huge screen. I also learned of this video game available exclusively on the PS3, called Flower which lets you take control of the wind as you explore and navigate through beautiful, lush environment used on SIXAXIS motion control. Personally this game attracts me because of its aesthetically pleasing graphical qualities and music. I really want to play the game after seeing others play, so I stood in line, but because my stomach was acting up, I left. By the time we finished touring, some of us were getting tired, so we left for home. Overall it was a good day despite the lousy weather and I have some pictures!

me w/ cherry blossom tree
more cherry blossoms
beautiful lake

FRIDAY, March 24.

It’s Friday and I am super excited for the weekend to start. I have been overwhelmed with so much homework, tests, and assignments these two weeks. It feels like it’s never-ending. However, I shall not complain because it is Friday and I want to celebrate. I was done with classes at 1:50pm and had lunch with a friend at 3. The weather was just absolutely gorgeous today, thus I spent the entire day soaking up the sun and just simply relaxing. At 4 I went to check out the Holi Festival of Colours. I thought about participating but did not have any clothing I want to get dirty, so I just sat on a bench and observed the splashing of coloured powder and water between people. Needless to say, it was really lively. Dinner was at 6 and I was famished! I went with some friends to eat at Hibachi Buffet, this Asian buffet restaurant. I left the restaurant feeling bloated but it was a good feeling I haven’t felt in a long time from eating really good food. I headed to James’ apartment to work on some ds106 video assignments while waiting for a friend to pick us up and go to his house. There, we slept over and the next day we drove to DC for the cherry blossom festival.

PS. I didn’t have my camera with me today, so there are no pictures available for you guys 🙁 Sorry! I promise I’ll double up on pictures at the cherry blossom festival. Definitely.

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Wow, this took so much effort and so much time into perfecting this video assignment but I have to say, I am very pleased with the result. I will talk more about the process later. Meanwhile, please enjoy the video! 🙂



Synopsis: The dawn of cinema had no audio; silent movies created an atmosphere with music and the use of cue cards. Take a 3-5 minute trailer of a modern movie and render it in the form os the silent era- convert to black and white, add effects to make it look antiquated, replace the audio with a musical sound track. As an example, see Silent Star Wars.
Get creative and choose a movie that would look most unlikely to be done from this era. If you want a shortcut, try using The Artsifier

As I said, this video assignment took me a very long time to complete. Many times I became frustrated because I wasn’t familiar with windows live movie player well enough, which makes it all the more annoying. This is also my first time using this program to edit a video. I decided to download all the sound clips first because I wanted to spend most of my time editing the video. Probably the most difficult obstacle I stumbled upon was to figure out how to precisely match the video with the audio I chose. I ended up doing it the difficult and tedious way — by playing both the audio on audacity and the video on windows live. Through serious concentration and precision, this process took a good hour or two to match up with both the audio and video counterparts. The next obstacle was figuring out how to trim certain scenes to align with the audio. I discovered the “set start point,” “set end point” option which lets me trim the selected music so it starts at a specific point and end at a specific point. That was a really cool feature and is really helpful with timing everything. One scene of the trailer that I wanted to improvise is the section where Andy is happily with his toys on his bed. I decided to slow the speed half way, so that it draws out that raw emotion of happiness before transitioning to the next scene where Andy’s toys are upset about his leaving to college. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this video assignment, probably one of the best assignments I’ve ever had to do and I am very proud of the outcome 🙂 

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TDC76 image: Some trees express enormous soul. Find and photograph that special tree.

Cherry blossom tree

cherry blossom tree

TDC75 audio: Read a favourite quote, emulating the author’s voice. Tell us why the quote is meaningful. 

Will smith quote by feng_shui

TDC73 image: Make a photo that emphasizes the color yellow

yellow mellow coat

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I have put much thought into thinking of a final project idea that would be interesting and last for the remaining weeks of the semester. I will be taking various pictures depicting the mood I feel each day, and blogging about it the end of the week, just as I would do for a daily create. I might switch things around. Some days I will have more than one picture, other days I will have just one. Hope this turns out as well I imagine! 

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Use CamStudio, Fraps, or another screen capturing software to get footage of something you do on your computer that tells a story. A few minutes of gameplay is a good example or narrating a process.

I will be using Jing to screencast this lame game that I play during my spare time… don’t judge me.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

I never would have thought to be blogging about a walk-through of a game that I play but here I am doing just that. Basically the purpose of the game is to kill monsters in order to level up. By killing monsters, you can gain certain items to fulfill a quest, which may also provide xp or experience to further your leveling. Since I’m playing the mini replica of the original game, dying is impossible. You can only run out of energy by killing many monsters. Until then, you either have to wait 5 minutes to be replenished with 5 energy points, hire a friend, or use 5 help points by visiting a friend’s house and picking up items. When you have visited every friend and helped picking up items, you will have to wait until the next day to be replenished with energy points.  What I love about this version is that it’s not as complicated as the real game and you are guided along each path you take whereas in the original game, you have to figure out what path to take, etc. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

I never would have thought to be blogging about a walk-through of a game that I play but here I am doing just that. Basically the purpose of the game is to kill monsters in order to level up. By killing monsters, you can gain certain items to fulfill a quest, which may also provide xp or experience to further your leveling. Since I’m playing the mini replica of the original game, dying is impossible. You can only run out of energy by killing many monsters. Until then, you either have to wait 5 minutes to be replenished with 5 energy points, hire a friend, or use 5 help points by visiting a friend’s house and picking up items. When you have visited every friend and helped picking up items, you will have to wait until the next day to be replenished with energy points.  What I love about this version is that it’s not as complicated as the real game and you are guided along each path you take whereas in the original game, you have to figure out what path to take, etc. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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TDC70 image: Windows, gates, & doors represent the lineal state between two realities. Photograph that idea.

The gate of truth derived from the anime/manga Full Metal Alchemist

It is an “endless white expanse and forcing the truth of alchemical knowledge into the minds of alchemists who are called to it by the rebounds of Human Transmutation” —source

the gate of truth

TDC69 video: If you had 3 hours to live, where would you go, what would you do, and why?

TDC66 video: Tell the world in a 5 min of less video why ds106 is the best thing since… cat breeding?

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So the movie I chose to critique is Fireproof. It was first suggested to me by my brother who thought and still thinks it is a great film. I took his suggestion and watched it with James via skype and we thought it was a horrible movie. Take a look.

Throughout the entire movie, James and I couldn’t help but shake our heads and gag at every single scene. Fireproof is a Christian drama film that tells the story of a married couple who are on the impending doom of filing a divorce. The husband, Caleb Holt, is a firefighter who lives by the motto “Never leave your partner behind”. Along with the bad relationship with his wife, Catherine, he struggles on a day-to-day basis of internet pornography and his decision on saving up for a boat worth $24,000 despite the fact his disabled mother is in need of a hospital equipment. 

Personally the movie didn’t appeal to me due to the lack of sophisticated filming. There were barely any effects or elements in the film that provoked emotion or catharsis in me. An aspect that I really dislike is the horrible acting. I didn’t get a sense of “realness” in the characters nor did I connect with them. I think that’s a major aspect the film lacked, that there was no connection between the characters within the film and the audience. A good movie would keep the audience in suspense or stir sympathy, but there was no emotional connection whatsoever. During one of the fight scenes where Caleb is screaming at his wife, I didn’t really feel any emotion because the way in which Caleb was yelling didn’t seem convincing or “real” enough and again, there were barely any effects or elements to reel me in. 

Another reason why I think this movie didn’t get enough credits is because of the fact that it is a Christian film. Not many people can relate to the way in which Caleb handled the relationship. For example, Caleb’s father offered him a book that would commit him to a 40 day test in attempting to win his wife back. Every day Caleb would perform an act of kindness towards his wife, such as making coffee in the morning or order roses for her. These acts seem ideal in nature but aren’t really relatable to ordinary people like you and I. In addition, the acting was really off and Caleb’s actions didn’t seem convincing to me. 

However, I will say that there is a distinct sincere message the film was trying to convey, despite the lack of technical elements and indecent acting, and that is marriage involves commitment. I did see this in the middle of the movie but it was hard to take the film serious when the acting was poor on its end. Hopefully I will not follow the same mistake for any future video/film productions. 

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One of my all time favorite movies and also one of AFI’s list of the Best 100 Movies of all time is the Titanic. Although I’m not all that ecstatic about the 3-D version, it is still one of the most emotional and aesthetically provocative movies I have ever seen. Directed, written, co-produced, and co-edited by James Cameron, this 1997 fictional film production stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater. The film is categorized in the historical/love drama genre according to AMC Film Genres site. It is a magnificent romance story between two social classes in the midst of a tragic historical event, the sinking of the Titanic. There are key scenes in this movie that depicts many elements described by Robert Ebert in his article “How to Read a Movie“. 

I would like to focus on a couple of scenes that provokes aesthetic reaction and visual compositions that have “intrinsic weighting,” or “certain areas of the available visual space have tendencies to stir emotional or aesthetic reactions” which is noted in Robert Ebert’s article. But first, here’s a trailer to give you an insight of some of the aesthetic and devastating moments within the film.

I would like to draw out a variety of emotions that this movie provokes — wonder and awe of the ship, journey of the voyage of the ship to a new land, new found love, fear resulting in the sinking of the ship, and it goes on. Ebert states in his article “the rule of thumb in the composition of a shot: Right is more positive, left more negative. Movement to the right seems more favorable; to the left, less so. The future seems to live on the right, the past on the left. The top is dominant over the bottom. The foreground is stronger than the background.” In the “I’m flying” scene with Jack and Rose, the camera is anchored down on Jack as the ship sails to the right, which gives a good sense of direction on both ends. Then Rose enters the scene as Jack guides her to the top of the railing, the camera is anchored up on both of them. This positioning of the camera is imperative in this scene because it provides a sense of perspective and is crucial to provoke an emotion of awe. I especially love the angle of rotation where the camera circles as the ship is sailing from the left and it comes around the ship so that the ship is sailing in the right direction, to the right. According to Ebert, movement to the right indicates a better future.

Another scene that deals with the the positioning of the characters is where Jack draws a nude portrait for Rose. When Rose lays on the fancy couch, her face is positioned in a way that faces the direction of Jack and the camera only focuses on Rose’s face, Jack’s face, his eyes, and the movement of his hand as he’s painting Rose. This objectifying of the subject centers on the nitty gritty details that makes this scene perform its very best. At 1:24 the camera shifts the POV to Jack’s eyes which enhances him and brings out the concentration in his eyes. I thought this scene was very beautiful because it brings out the aesthetic feature of the woman and the portrait Jack draws for Rose illustrates that she is a masterpiece. 

Some TV tropes used in this film were the Always Save the Girl and Chase Scene. These two tropes clashes during the “You jump, I jump” scene where both Jack and Cal Hockley convinces Rose to get on the lifeboat along with the other women and children. Both are willing to do anything to save the girl they love. Then at last minute when the boat is still lowering, Rose jumps into an open window and frantically runs to find Jack. Then follows the chase/gun scene between the two lovers and Cal Hockley, who becomes angry and frustrated that he can’t have Rose. 

I am so amazed how the producer uses various visual compositions of a shot to piece different scenes together. It is all so cleverly composed. With the use of intrinsic weighting, you can’t go wrong with screening a scene. Elbert states that you can’t go wrong with going against intrinsic weighting either, because it “exists in the realm of emotional tendencies” which means that it has to portray to the audience’s emotions. By analyzing this movie, I’ve learned a lot about compositions of a shot. 

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I am so glad our final radio show is coming together so well. To wrap up on our alien show, James re-edited his intro and outro (because of the feedback and lack of a quality mic). He then sent me both tracks via soundcloud and I performed some revisions and synchronized all of the tracks together so that it sounds coherent and smooth. I did, however, encounter a few problems with audacity. For instance, I had problems with cutting out a segment or piece of a track, but I soon realized for that to work, I had to first press the ‘stop’ button. There were other minor issues I had with audacity but with the help of one of my group members, Sarah Parlette, I easily overcame them. Although I was neither part of the interview nor spoke, I still helped out with the editing and combining tracks to form a coherent and cohesive story, forming a commercial with various “alien” soundtracks pulled from youtube, and found inspiration from a well known former broadcaster for alien shows named Art Bell (thanks to Jim Groom!).

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Parlette and James Cruz on this provocative alien radio show. It surely is a one of a kind and not to mention, controversial topic to inform, advertise, and perhaps influence. A huge shout-out to Don Goff who took time out of his hands to contribute a wealth of insights as well as his own personal beliefs in this project. Also, thank you Sarah for proposing this alien phenomenon and James who helped me with commercials as well as being the intro/outro/host. Those who will be listening, I hope you enjoy this radio show as I have in the form of partaking it!

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Here is my video tutorial for this assignment. The audio is really bad but I hope you still get the drift of how I created this effect. Enjoy! 🙂

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

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TDC54 audio: Stump us. Record a sound of an ordinary thing and make it hard to guess. 

Unidentified sound by feng_shui

Answer: crunched skittle candy wrap.

TDC53 video: Record a video of your hand drawing a picture of your other hand. 

TDC52 image: It’s February 29. Take a photo of a leap. Or a leaping photo.

feb 29: leap day

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During this week and the past week, my group and I have met up twice to discuss the structure and content of our alien radio show. At our first meeting, Sarah proposed a provocative idea — aliens! Her friend, Don Goff is our main source of all these alien information and the reason why we are using aliens for our radio show is all because of Don Goff, so major kudos to him and Sarah! We decided collectively to do an interview with mister Goff informing our audience the existence of aliens because as we might not know it, there just could be other life forms out there besides humans. While Sarah interviewed Don Goff, James and I worked on bumpers and commercials. The next time we met, most of the recordings was already finished and mashed together, so all we need to do now is to fix/edit some transitions or technicality and we should have this show completed. Major thanks to Sarah, who’s done so much for this group and the project itself; interviews and a bumper, and thanks to James for helping me with commercials and bumpers. Tune in for more updates on WA51 Network! 🙂

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I found this haunting yet interesting Podcast, which are short live radio stories featuring people all around the world. Featured on Radiolab, “Wake Up and Dream is a telling broadcast in which a city reporter in Philadelphia named Steve Volk was devastated and plagued with a recurring nightmare for over 20 years now. Steve starts narrating the first time he started having the nightmare when he was in his apartment. An eerie sound effect starts playing the same time as Steve is narrating. This sets the tone and results in a reaction from the audience. Although Steve was narrating, you can also hear host Matt Kielty’s voice layering in succession. The sequence of voice layering is unique and effective in that it retains the audience’s interest as well as retaining the flow of adrenaline. The fighting scene between Steve and the man was really frightening, given the sudden foreground “fighting” sound. But with all dreams, he wakes up and realizes it was just a dream. It’s interesting to see the transition from Steve and Matt narrating to just the fighting sound playing. It adds sort of a dramatic tone to the plot. 

Steve states that this particular dream would not go away and that it persisted for “6 times a year for 20 years.” One year Steve began writing a book based on science, and stumbled on lucid dreaming, where one is aware that s/he is dreaming while dreaming. The sound effect during this scene was light and kind of playful. It didn’t make me feel threatened unlike the previous scenes. I also notice the repetition of words both the host and Steve uses. Steve says “lucid dreaming” and Matt would repeat right after him, then Steve would repeat again. I suppose the use of repetition keeps the audience on track and informed of the plot as the scene transitions. On another note, to keep the audience on track, the sound effect would sometimes play accordingly and on beat with the way in which Matt speaks. 07:16 Matt describes a patient’s REM (rapid eye movement) from “left to right, left to right, left to right” and you notice the sound effect reverberates the speed of his speech. 

What I love about this radio podcast is the natural segueing from a fight scene to a light casual documentary scene. The transition of loudness to softness, foreground and background music, and the reechoing tone effect to a word are key components to a successful live radio podcast. That is, a successful radio podcast is being able to illustrate the scenes and actions of the story line. I really enjoyed listening to this story although at times I felt terrified to the effects of music. Hopefully some day I will attain the skills of a radio broadcaster.

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Hey girl, you're bad.

Hahaha I just couldn’t help it! I went on James‘ facebook and saved this image on my computer. I would like to say that I’m very much amused with Ryan Gosling’s “Hey Girl” meme, so I decided to import this notorious meme onto James’ photo. I made this caption using cheezburger. Enjoy! 🙂

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TDC47 image: Take a photo that features your favorite colour.

variants of blue

TDC43 audio: Tell the story of a place in one ambient audio recording.

watching the bachelor & eating birthday cake 🙂 by feng_shui

TDC45 audio: Say your name backwards.

I used audacity to record my name and then used the ‘reverse’ effect to say my name backwards. I also used the ‘repeat’ effect to repeat the track 10 times. After that, I wanted to have fun with the tempo and pitch so I made a 328.760 percent change on the tempo and changed pitch from F up to G#/Ab. The combined manipulation sounds something like this…

Say your name backwards: nehc gnef by feng_shui

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I partnered with James Cruz to complete this in-class assignment.

General Synopsis: Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Another example (by a UMW student): http://ds106.us/wp-content/audio/audio_story.mp3

We went on freesound and found a bunch of ambient sounds: Monster by Sea Fury, nightingale indub by suonho, forest-perspectives by dobroide, bushes by schademansevening in the forest by reinsamba, and playground by robinhood76.

In the beginning of the story, there are kids playing outside and birds chirping. This creates a mother naturey kind of mood. The setting is out in the woods. As you listen to the children playing and having fun, one kid shouts: “Watch out, watch out!” followed by the rustling of bushes. This foreshadows an ominous event that will occur. Even the birds began to fade out right before the atrocious monster roar followed by the echoing of the nightingale. 

One may analyze this story and come to terms that the monster really did consume the children, and I have no objection over that! Initially to me I wanted it to sound like the kids were scared away from the monster but it’s best to leave the observing up to the audience! 🙂

Of course the hardest part for me is figuring out the order of sound effects to produce the most effective and persuasive story. I didn’t have much of a difficult time with the tools thanks to Sarah Parlette, who described the mechanism and usage of the important tools. Enjoy! 

forest and a monster by feng_shui

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I just created my first design assignment! Woohoo! For this assignment, you are to: “Take any person, thing, or animal and apply a cartoon character head to it. Be creative!” Yes, creativity is key to success in this class. I took a llama picture and a spongebob head from google images and open those pictures up on my nifty photoshop. I cropped the spongebob head, copy & pasted it onto the llama layer, and transformed it until the head fit perfectly (or close to) on top of the llama head. Furthermore, I will also screen cast the process to provide a better and conspicuous visual. Enjoy! 🙂


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Find a good, brief joke in a language other than your mother tongue; if you don;t know any other languages this might be a good way to start learning. Record your voice telling the joke focusing on pronunciation and try to make it sound as natural as you can with appropriate vocal inflections. Add a (cc) music track underneath (maybe from jamendo.com) and a laugh track (soungle.com is a good source) at the end.

I took AP Jap back in high school, so I’m a bit rusty but still familiar with the language. Here’s my best attempt at this joke. 

Tokyo hotel’s rules and regulations (in romanization): 

Gesuto wa, kitsuen to okonawanai yo ni yokyu sa rete iru kimochi warui ta no Beddo no naka de no kodo


Guests are requested not to smoke and do other disgusting 

behaviors in bed

I downloaded this tune named kampai by Milton and laugh-child by shades on freesound along with my recorded joke mixed in altogether. 3 star! 

Audio assignment: Make ’em Laugh! by feng_shui

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I have a natural chinese accent 🙂 by feng_shui

This was the first audio assignment that I saw and knew immediately that I would be using my natural Chinese accent. For the order, I said “hello, I would like a double cheeseburger, with cheese on the side and large fry. And also sweet tea. Thank you very much.” Although I try not to emphasize my accent too much, it will probably sound a little forced… but that’s okay. It’s not like I try to hide my accent, anyway… 🙂 1 star! 

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TDC42: Take a photo that represents your current job, or a job you once had.

current occupation: student at UMW

TDC41: Take a photo of your most prized possession.

prized possession: friend

TDC40: Take a photo of someone of someone else’s artwork in an interesting way to make it yours.

self portrait credit Ako Nagahama

TDC39: Take a photo of a bird today.

origami crane


TDC38: Take a photo of an object that represents how old you feel

teddy bears and FUN bottle

TDC37: Take a photo of a toy in action

I'm firin' mah water gun.. at myself.

TDC36: Take a photo of a food being served/eaten in an unconventional way.

chocolate serving

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So this assignment is worth 4 stars and sure enough, it took me about 4 hours to complete it. I’m pretty satisfied of my end result seeing it as took me so long to finish it. At first I didn’t think I would be patient enough to slowly walk work my way through the itty bitty details of this assignment, but I guess I proved myself wrong, which in this case is a good thing 🙂 

Synopsis: A common exercise in design school, take typographical elements (perhaps even the words of a story) and bring them to life.

I really really like this assignment because typography is just so much fun and stirs creativity in me. Throughout the entire way, I had a youtube tutorial walk me through the steps of making one, so reluctance and frustration were out of the question. I have crafted the letter ‘F’ in the honor of my name and added adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc to describe my character and my beliefs. In the midst of the myriad of words, ‘future’ is switched backwards to represent my unknown/uncertain future. (I thought that was pretty clever 🙂

I may do a tutorial on this assignment because it was VERY tedious, but so worth it. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy 🙂 This completes my 15 stars of the week. 

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Here is another 3 star design assignment that I picked: If Movie Posters Told The Truth. I have become infatuated with editing and playing around with movie posters, comic posters, magical places, and posters in general. I think the idea of manipulating a movie/story to a whole new context is fascinating and amusing to me, so kudos to NoiseProfessor for creating such an awesome design assignment.

Synopsis: Improve movie posters to make them more accurately reflect the content of the film. Inspired entirely by theshiznit.co.uk

Now I will dive into the process of my editing on photoshop. I googled the ‘top most popular movies’ and while browsing the list of movies, I thought of Inception. Honestly that movie made absolutely no sense to me and I was so confused throughout the movie but I still love it because of the concept behind it. Using photoshop, I cropped out a phrase from the poster and went on myfonts to identify it. Then I went back to photoshop and used the spot healing brush tool to erase the original phrase and replace it with a more descriptive phrase I’ve come up with. The place where I erased the phrase didn’t seem as clear-cut as I expected it to be so I used the clone stamp tool to fix up the minor blemishes to make it appear more convincing and realistic. 

Hope you like it :)!

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Create a Pokemon card for yourself, what are your powers?

Well, this shall be a fun assignment to do 🙂 I used to watch so much Pokemon back when I was just a wee kid to the point that my brother and I could recite the 150 original Pokemon. We were pretty darn proud of ourselves. [But now I forgot them all :(] Like everyone else, I also used the pokemon card generator because I don’t know any other way of making a Pokemon card. The steps are pretty simple: name your ‘creature, upload a picture of yourself or someone else,’ describe and state your attacks/powers, and you’re done! There are other little fillers such as your hit points or life points, your evolution stage, the damage of each attack, and weakness, resistance and retreat cost. 

So if I were a Pokemon… I would name myself Fengster because this is one of my popular nicknames bestowed to me by a particular special friend of mine in high school. Out of the hundreds of pictures of myself, I chose a picture that closely characterizes my personality as you will soon witness. The rest is all self-explanatory if you know my habits 🙂 

3 stars! 

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For this assignment, I had in mind several books that I could use, but I settled on The Giver. One of my favorite books I fell in love with in 8th grade, this book expanded my horizons of a whole new world conceived by the brilliant author, Lois Lowry. The Giver was the first novel that I have enjoyed reading and soon I developed a habit of reading various interesting books like The Giver.

Synopsis: Take a title of a well-known book and re-design the cover to suggest something entirely different. For example, the book cover for Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (an apocalyptic novel about a father and son facing the end of the world) is reframed as a feel-good book about effective parenting (see image). Original idea found through this design contest on Book Ninja in 2008. Image credit: Ingrid Paulson’s  reimagining of The Road by Cormac McCarthy

This assignment felt relatively easy, though the process was a bit tedious. First I went to search for a book cover that illustrated a completely different meaning on google images and downloaded a font somewhat resembling the font for Lois Lowry’s name. Then I went on photoshop to edit the photo. I copy and pasted the award symbol/sticker from the original book onto the new cover, did a little trimming there. Since I was frustrated and could not figure out how to open the font I had downloaded, I just used the font by photoshop and chose the one that closely resembled the font on The Giver.

2 stars!

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So because I’ve seen way too many 1 story/4 icon assignments, I decided to give it a shot. The concept seems simple enough, so that appealed to me. 

Synopsis: The assignment is to reduce a movie, story, or event into its basic elements, then take those visuals and reduce them further to simple icons, four of them. Write your blog post up but do not give away the answer, let people guess! The challenge is to find the icons that suggest the story, but do not make it so easy.

I found pictures on google and uploaded them onto chogger for editing and perfecting the icons. (You have to create an account in order to upload/post pictures/comics online.) I didn’t want any background colors from the icons to contrast with the white inside the frame so I tediously fixed and erased the area that I didn’t like. Once I adjusted the frames to my preferred size, I uploaded it. 

See if you can guess what it is! 🙂 

By the way, this is a 3 star assignment.


One story, four icons.

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Week 4 Photography

Here is my week worth of photo, although I can’t say they were the best, but I am proud to say that I have learned much from tutorials, Photoshop, and people’s comments which all constituted to my understanding of photography. Above all else, I have acquired much skills & knowledge from others’ creativity and that drove me to perform my best. 🙂


tdc035 image: photograph your own or someone else’s tattoo

birthmark tattoo

Birthmark tattoo for life, for ever. 


tdc34 image: photo that emphasizes detail of a human hand

My roommate and her boyfriend. 


tdc33 image: take a pic of confusion

confused doggy?

Shrasta confused?


tdc32 image: a photo of sth you aspire to do/be one day.




tdc31 image: photo that represents happiest/memorable moment

Tela Beach in Honduras

Tela Beach, Honduras 2012.


tdc030 image: a place that easily loses things

typical collegiate drawer

collegiate drawer. 


tdc29 image: upside down photo

upside-down smiley pic (:

Oh, hello there. 

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For this 3 star assignment, I shall be attempting Tim Owen’s incredible visual assignment.

Synopsis: Take a concept, one word, and plug it into Flickr and take the first 50 images and average them using Photoshop or similar program. Step by step instructions available at http://is.gd/ku3UF

Linda’s attempt at the assignment influenced and inspired me to create my own, and so I did. I went on the suggested step-by-step instruction page so my process will not be any different than what is already provided. 

I will be demonstrating the following concepts: monochrome, euphoria, dignity, & ramen (mm yummy!).

Step 1: To download CC-licensed pictures from flickr, I used bulkr, a free and easy download.

Step 2: I typed ‘monochrome’ into the search option and to show the ‘interesting’ pictures. Then I chose the first 50 images that popped up and downloaded them into a folder.

Step 3: Then I opened photoshop to create a layering of my pictures. Under the file tab, go to scripts, load files into stack, and select the folder of your concept. Also select ‘create smart objects after loading layers’ so that it takes the folder of images and puts each one on a different layer. 

Step 4: Once the layers are all stacked up, go to layer, smart objects, stack mode, and click mean. This effect will merge and layer each photo on top of one another. The final product is complete and all yours 🙂

monochrome average



euphoria average



dignity average



ramen average


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Synopsis: Swap the heads of parents and children. Inspired by http://www.paulripke.de/html/ausgabe.php?galid=60&kategorie=paulpeople&verzeichnis=people

Originally, I wanted to edit my photo with adobe photoshop cs5 but it took over 3hrs just for me to learn the basic tools, so instead I decided to use FotoFlexer instead, since it was less complicated. I really like this photo editing site because it is really easy to use and the tools are all there, just less claustrophobic than photoshop! 


First, upload a photo of your choice, but make sure the heads aren’t bumping into each other because that could raise complications…

Under the ‘basic’ tab, click ‘crop region’ to crop both head with precision, making sure to include the entire outline of the head so that it fits naturally on the other person’s head. Then, right click either head and select ‘cut out person/object’ and a box will appear with directions for editing the head. Repeat with the second head. Also, a word of advice: colour in every pixel for the regions you want to keep/delete (that is, if you are a perfectionist like me :). And you are done! 

daughter-mother head swap

I’m sorry mine isn’t that realistic, I was rather hasty on this one.. but I’ll do a better one next time.

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First video tutorial EVER!!! I’m sorry if my voice filters out weirdly or unclearly, it is due to my audio. Hopefully I will find a way to download a better audio before my next video tutorial, but in the meantime, hope you enjoy this one 🙂

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

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bible study asian gathering

This asian gathering took place at a friend’s house. I forget what was going on but the focus is all on the little girl being groped. Enjoy! 🙂

Also, I will talk about the process in my first video tutorial for this assignment ..coming soon later today!

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For this visual assignment, I chose the ‘make your own spubble’ because I have wanted to do one for some time now and who wouldn’t want to get a good laugh out of it? 

So here’s the general synopsis: Learn to love yourself, grab a picture of yourself in which your body language, actions, gestures, etc. suggest one thing and then play off that using a speech bubble. Ideally the result would make people laugh—but I must acknowledge there are other possible emotional responses that may be just as acceptable. Think of it as lolcat, save it’s a human (namely you) and there is nothing compelling anyone to abuse the letter z in the speech bubble text. Picnik.com or Aviary.com would make this assignment dead simple.

And it really was dead simple, as Professor Groom stated once I learned how to operate one of these photo editing sites that was provided. So I used Piknik, uploaded one of my images that my friend took last year, and played it off with a funny little comment. There was no option to insert a spubble for either sites so I had my comment running across the top portion of my photo. Besides that, I made one outer layer change to the picture; I added ’rounded edges’ frame to my photo to make it appear more picturesque and quaint. So… without further ado, here’s my creation. Hope you like it 🙂 

Flower girl sitting beside a tree trunk

P.S. Video tutorials to come soon… I want it to be a good 3 minutes long. I still need to figure out the medium I will use for the process of making one but one thing for sure, it will be on a 3 star or higher assignment because I think 1 or 2 star won’t suffice my desired length of the video.

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Presenting my 2 star visual assignment of the day, I chose ‘Visualize that Quote’ out of the variety of assignments because it seemed simple yet elegant. 

General synopsis: illustrate/explain the quote in pictures with the least number of pictures required

you can drag to re-order, click pic to swap, x remove pic, – hide pic leave word.

I found this pragmatic quote by Confucius on Brainy Quotes

Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself

I did not intend to use one of Confucius’ quotes, but he was the first person to pop in my head. I often like to think of Confucius as my philosophy doctor. The aforementioned quote emphasizes custom values and beliefs the Chinese held to be true, and in a lot of ways, is still reaffirming my culture. 

To incorporate the quote more meaningfully, I used phrasr to identify words with pictures. 

Process: I recently found out about phrasr a few days ago on twitter and I soon realized it is a site that borrows images from flickr to identify with a phrase, or quote. Having learned this, I typed my quote in the search bar and it exploded with images, so I tried my best matching words with pictures as they seem fit. Once pictures corresponded with words, a slideshow appeared, and the cool thing is, you could play it over as many times as you want! 

First visual assignment … done! 8 stars left to go.



Since phrasr didn’t exactly portray the quote effectively as I imagined, so instead I will use flickr to search for images that will bring the words to life. Here’s what came to my mind when I re-read the quote: bullying. 


Bullying does not discriminate; it exists worldwide, from Asia to the Western Hemisphere. Especially in my culture, we value in respecting elders by their children, and by logic, the principle goes the say way for kids of all ages. Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself.

Process: I typed in ‘bullying’ on the search bar and this picture was the best representation I could find to demonstrate my quote.

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When I first heard of Web 2.0 (which was in about a week ago in Jim Groom’s night class), I thought of the macintosh, iPhones, and friendly user interface. That was just a guess of what I thought Web 2.0 might be, and after reading the assigned articles, I realized that I wasn’t quite that far off, in fact, I was on the right track. In Tim O’Reilly’s article, he summarizes Web 2.0 as the next big step, or transformation from Web 1.0, which had a lot of the original components of Web 2.0 but less advanced. To better understand what I mean, refer to the chart in O’Reilly’s reading “Design Patters and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software.” From DoubleClick to GoogleAdSense, Ofoto to Flickr, Akamai to BitTorrent, etc, this chart depicts the progress from the technology we used to know (or in my case, had no idea it existed) to the technology we know now. I would also like to point out O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Meme Map, which I thought summarized clearly what Web 2.0 is really about. Some key ideas from the Map were Flickr, tagging, Blogs, Wikipedia, Gmail, and Google Maps, all that is controlled by an individual. And I think that’s what makes Web 2.0 special, the fact that we are capable of creating, designing, and authorizing websites that belong to the human race. We basically are the force that drives progress behind the cyber world.


While O’Reilly gives us a definition of Web 2.0, Bryan Alexander provides an innovative idea, and enhances that idea to a whole new level. To be more specific, he uses the example storytelling to simply tell a story to a particular group, or to society in general. I have always thought that storytelling was just an old childhood memory of the past but certainly that memory has enhanced in a new light in this day and age. Through storytelling on the web, people are able to connect, share, and create ideas, stories, histories with each other. For example, a familiar site that we all use and explore daily is through blogs or character blogs, where “each blogger demonstrates a persona” as Alexander puts it. To me, I think blogging is really something special because it allows one to tap into his/her creative mindset. We use blogging to narrate a story to a given society, and one way or another, we relate to that story. I would like to touch on another note to which Alexander mentions ‘Twitter’ as “a site for trivial pseudo-conversation.” I actually looked up what that term meant and I came up with “From the System point of view it is a Multi Tasking operation but from the User point of view it is a Conversational method.” So by this definition, Twitter is a mode of making quick and easy conversations from person to person in just a mere moment. I have never thought of Twitter as a mean of storytelling but reading this portion of Alexander’s article made me realize that users of Twitter are able to get their (short) story out by the second.


The future of the web seems mind-numbing now that we are already in the age of Web 2.0. I cannot really fathom what’s to come next. Web 3.0?

source: http://ds106.us/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/0313387494storytelling-dragged.pdf

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By using this design tool, Web 2.0 provides a very quick and accessible way of communicating and creating our thoughts in such a way that connects to the audience in the digital world.

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I am so happy to announce that I have FINALLY figured out how to redirect my pages to another site!!!! I have been struggling ever since.. 2 days ago, but that’s not the point. The point is, I now know how to redirect a page. And now I shall guide you step by step on the process…

Step 1.  To start off, create a page. Hover your mouse over ‘Pages’ and click ‘add new’. Name your title to your taste and click ‘publish’. You will notice that your newly made page has not appeared on your blog yet. Hover your mouse over ‘appearance’ and click ‘menus’. Gaze your eyes on the left column. You will see under ‘Pages’ the page you have made. Now click on it and ‘add to menu’. Don’t forget to save menu! And wa-la, you have successfully created a page and is present on your home page.

Step 2.  You want to redirect the page to a different site. In order to do this, you have to install ‘redirection’ as a plugin. I found this out by browsing on google (heh heh). When installation is complete, of course, activate it. Now go under redirection and click on ‘settings’. Type your ‘source URL’ and ‘target URL’. The source URL is the original URL you want to redirect from and the target URL is the site you want to redirect to. You’re almost there! Click ‘add redirection’ and go back to your blogsite to be amazed by the magic of plugins.

Step 3.  You have learned how to redirect a page!

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First of all I wanted to say that I couldn’t really keep up with what Professor Campbell was talking about because his speech was very scattered. However, he touched on some parts here and there that I could comprehend. But the major idea that I got out of the video is to use technology as an advantage to augment and tap into our creative minds and build a community of interpersonal relationships on the web as well as enhance our technological skills. In my understanding, digital facelifting is the transferring and transforming written or spoken notes to the cyber world. While the idea of creating a domain and webspace at a young age sounds great, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have total reliance on computers for everything that we do in life. In this day and age people young and old have access to the computer 24/7, however, it seems too unreal to have complete dependence on computers. I can’t help but imagine what will happen when the virtual world takes over real life interactions. The point I am trying to make, is that although technology enhances various skills, we should also keep in mind to distribute a balance between interacting on the web and interacting face-to-face. With that being said, we are already very technologically advanced, especially in this generation, and we are evolving ever so fast in the cyber community. Professor Campbell’s article and video were both really thought-provoking and made me think of the possibilities of cyberinfrastructure.


Good night. V.

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Phew. I have just successfully installed all three recommended plugins: Subscribe to Comments, Twitter Tools, Google Analytics, and Akismet. The most frustrated plugin was in fact, Twitter Tools. I fidgeted a lot trying to install that one. Let me state the process: first  I opened the link on a new tab and from there, downloaded version 2.4. The download completed so I opened it with my winrar program. Not knowing what to do next, I tried extracting the folders that appeared which led to many more folders. I ended up uninstalling winrar to see if something interesting would happen or pose a solution. So I re-downloaded the link and again, a file of folders came up. Out of frustration, I opened up all the folders. I came about the file “twitter tools” so I clicked on that and opened a text document which gave an overwhelming compressed list of directions on just about everything you can do with twitter tools. From there on out, things were straight forward and I figured out how to link my twitter to my blog. I have yet to experiment more on twitter tools along with other plugins. I will post more later, maybe.

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Yay! WordPress up and running.

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