— fengshui

Update on blogging.

Phew. I have just successfully installed all three recommended plugins: Subscribe to Comments, Twitter Tools, Google Analytics, and Akismet. The most frustrated plugin was in fact, Twitter Tools. I fidgeted a lot trying to install that one. Let me state the process: first  I opened the link on a new tab and from there, downloaded version 2.4. The download completed so I opened it with my winrar program. Not knowing what to do next, I tried extracting the folders that appeared which led to many more folders. I ended up uninstalling winrar to see if something interesting would happen or pose a solution. So I re-downloaded the link and again, a file of folders came up. Out of frustration, I opened up all the folders. I came about the file “twitter tools” so I clicked on that and opened a text document which gave an overwhelming compressed list of directions on just about everything you can do with twitter tools. From there on out, things were straight forward and I figured out how to link my twitter to my blog. I have yet to experiment more on twitter tools along with other plugins. I will post more later, maybe.