— fengshui

new discovery!

I am so happy to announce that I have FINALLY figured out how to redirect my pages to another site!!!! I have been struggling ever since.. 2 days ago, but that’s not the point. The point is, I now know how to redirect a page. And now I shall guide you step by step on the process…

Step 1.  To start off, create a page. Hover your mouse over ‘Pages’ and click ‘add new’. Name your title to your taste and click ‘publish’. You will notice that your newly made page has not appeared on your blog yet. Hover your mouse over ‘appearance’ and click ‘menus’. Gaze your eyes on the left column. You will see under ‘Pages’ the page you have made. Now click on it and ‘add to menu’. Don’t forget to save menu! And wa-la, you have successfully created a page and is present on your home page.

Step 2.  You want to redirect the page to a different site. In order to do this, you have to install ‘redirection’ as a plugin. I found this out by browsing on google (heh heh). When installation is complete, of course, activate it. Now go under redirection and click on ‘settings’. Type your ‘source URL’ and ‘target URL’. The source URL is the original URL you want to redirect from and the target URL is the site you want to redirect to. You’re almost there! Click ‘add redirection’ and go back to your blogsite to be amazed by the magic of plugins.

Step 3.  You have learned how to redirect a page!