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Week 4: Visualize that Quote Assignment

Presenting my 2 star visual assignment of the day, I chose ‘Visualize that Quote’ out of the variety of assignments because it seemed simple yet elegant. 

General synopsis: illustrate/explain the quote in pictures with the least number of pictures required

you can drag to re-order, click pic to swap, x remove pic, – hide pic leave word.

I found this pragmatic quote by Confucius on Brainy Quotes

Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself

I did not intend to use one of Confucius’ quotes, but he was the first person to pop in my head. I often like to think of Confucius as my philosophy doctor. The aforementioned quote emphasizes custom values and beliefs the Chinese held to be true, and in a lot of ways, is still reaffirming my culture. 

To incorporate the quote more meaningfully, I used phrasr to identify words with pictures. 

Process: I recently found out about phrasr a few days ago on twitter and I soon realized it is a site that borrows images from flickr to identify with a phrase, or quote. Having learned this, I typed my quote in the search bar and it exploded with images, so I tried my best matching words with pictures as they seem fit. Once pictures corresponded with words, a slideshow appeared, and the cool thing is, you could play it over as many times as you want! 

First visual assignment … done! 8 stars left to go.



Since phrasr didn’t exactly portray the quote effectively as I imagined, so instead I will use flickr to search for images that will bring the words to life. Here’s what came to my mind when I re-read the quote: bullying. 


Bullying does not discriminate; it exists worldwide, from Asia to the Western Hemisphere. Especially in my culture, we value in respecting elders by their children, and by logic, the principle goes the say way for kids of all ages. Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself.

Process: I typed in ‘bullying’ on the search bar and this picture was the best representation I could find to demonstrate my quote.