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Parent-Child Head Swap Visual Assignment (2 star)

Synopsis: Swap the heads of parents and children. Inspired by http://www.paulripke.de/html/ausgabe.php?galid=60&kategorie=paulpeople&verzeichnis=people

Originally, I wanted to edit my photo with adobe photoshop cs5 but it took over 3hrs just for me to learn the basic tools, so instead I decided to use FotoFlexer instead, since it was less complicated. I really like this photo editing site because it is really easy to use and the tools are all there, just less claustrophobic than photoshop! 


First, upload a photo of your choice, but make sure the heads aren’t bumping into each other because that could raise complications…

Under the ‘basic’ tab, click ‘crop region’ to crop both head with precision, making sure to include the entire outline of the head so that it fits naturally on the other person’s head. Then, right click either head and select ‘cut out person/object’ and a box will appear with directions for editing the head. Repeat with the second head. Also, a word of advice: colour in every pixel for the regions you want to keep/delete (that is, if you are a perfectionist like me :). And you are done! 

daughter-mother head swap

I’m sorry mine isn’t that realistic, I was rather hasty on this one.. but I’ll do a better one next time.