— fengshui

A culmination of Week 4 daily creates

Week 4 Photography

Here is my week worth of photo, although I can’t say they were the best, but I am proud to say that I have learned much from tutorials, Photoshop, and people’s comments which all constituted to my understanding of photography. Above all else, I have acquired much skills & knowledge from others’ creativity and that drove me to perform my best. 🙂


tdc035 image: photograph your own or someone else’s tattoo

birthmark tattoo

Birthmark tattoo for life, for ever. 


tdc34 image: photo that emphasizes detail of a human hand

My roommate and her boyfriend. 


tdc33 image: take a pic of confusion

confused doggy?

Shrasta confused?


tdc32 image: a photo of sth you aspire to do/be one day.




tdc31 image: photo that represents happiest/memorable moment

Tela Beach in Honduras

Tela Beach, Honduras 2012.


tdc030 image: a place that easily loses things

typical collegiate drawer

collegiate drawer. 


tdc29 image: upside down photo

upside-down smiley pic (:

Oh, hello there.