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Averaging Concepts Using Flickr — 3 star!

For this 3 star assignment, I shall be attempting Tim Owen’s incredible visual assignment.

Synopsis: Take a concept, one word, and plug it into Flickr and take the first 50 images and average them using Photoshop or similar program. Step by step instructions available at http://is.gd/ku3UF

Linda’s attempt at the assignment influenced and inspired me to create my own, and so I did. I went on the suggested step-by-step instruction page so my process will not be any different than what is already provided. 

I will be demonstrating the following concepts: monochrome, euphoria, dignity, & ramen (mm yummy!).

Step 1: To download CC-licensed pictures from flickr, I used bulkr, a free and easy download.

Step 2: I typed ‘monochrome’ into the search option and to show the ‘interesting’ pictures. Then I chose the first 50 images that popped up and downloaded them into a folder.

Step 3: Then I opened photoshop to create a layering of my pictures. Under the file tab, go to scripts, load files into stack, and select the folder of your concept. Also select ‘create smart objects after loading layers’ so that it takes the folder of images and puts each one on a different layer. 

Step 4: Once the layers are all stacked up, go to layer, smart objects, stack mode, and click mean. This effect will merge and layer each photo on top of one another. The final product is complete and all yours 🙂

monochrome average



euphoria average



dignity average



ramen average