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Alternative Book Covers Design Assignment

For this assignment, I had in mind several books that I could use, but I settled on The Giver. One of my favorite books I fell in love with in 8th grade, this book expanded my horizons of a whole new world conceived by the brilliant author, Lois Lowry. The Giver was the first novel that I have enjoyed reading and soon I developed a habit of reading various interesting books like The Giver.

Synopsis: Take a title of a well-known book and re-design the cover to suggest something entirely different. For example, the book cover for Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (an apocalyptic novel about a father and son facing the end of the world) is reframed as a feel-good book about effective parenting (see image). Original idea found through this design contest on Book Ninja in 2008. Image credit: Ingrid Paulson’s  reimagining of The Road by Cormac McCarthy

This assignment felt relatively easy, though the process was a bit tedious. First I went to search for a book cover that illustrated a completely different meaning on google images and downloaded a font somewhat resembling the font for Lois Lowry’s name. Then I went on photoshop to edit the photo. I copy and pasted the award symbol/sticker from the original book onto the new cover, did a little trimming there. Since I was frustrated and could not figure out how to open the font I had downloaded, I just used the font by photoshop and chose the one that closely resembled the font on The Giver.

2 stars!