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If Movie Posters Told The Truth Design Assignment

Here is another 3 star design assignment that I picked: If Movie Posters Told The Truth. I have become infatuated with editing and playing around with movie posters, comic posters, magical places, and posters in general. I think the idea of manipulating a movie/story to a whole new context is fascinating and amusing to me, so kudos to NoiseProfessor for creating such an awesome design assignment.

Synopsis: Improve movie posters to make them more accurately reflect the content of the film. Inspired entirely by theshiznit.co.uk

Now I will dive into the process of my editing on photoshop. I googled the ‘top most popular movies’ and while browsing the list of movies, I thought of Inception. Honestly that movie made absolutely no sense to me and I was so confused throughout the movie but I still love it because of the concept behind it. Using photoshop, I cropped out a phrase from the poster and went on myfonts to identify it. Then I went back to photoshop and used the spot healing brush tool to erase the original phrase and replace it with a more descriptive phrase I’ve come up with. The place where I erased the phrase didn’t seem as clear-cut as I expected it to be so I used the clone stamp tool to fix up the minor blemishes to make it appear more convincing and realistic. 

Hope you like it :)!