— fengshui

Pokemon Card Design Assignment

Create a Pokemon card for yourself, what are your powers?

Well, this shall be a fun assignment to do 🙂 I used to watch so much Pokemon back when I was just a wee kid to the point that my brother and I could recite the 150 original Pokemon. We were pretty darn proud of ourselves. [But now I forgot them all :(] Like everyone else, I also used the pokemon card generator because I don’t know any other way of making a Pokemon card. The steps are pretty simple: name your ‘creature, upload a picture of yourself or someone else,’ describe and state your attacks/powers, and you’re done! There are other little fillers such as your hit points or life points, your evolution stage, the damage of each attack, and weakness, resistance and retreat cost. 

So if I were a Pokemon… I would name myself Fengster because this is one of my popular nicknames bestowed to me by a particular special friend of mine in high school. Out of the hundreds of pictures of myself, I chose a picture that closely characterizes my personality as you will soon witness. The rest is all self-explanatory if you know my habits 🙂 

3 stars!