— fengshui

Sound Effect Story: Forest birds & an unknown monster

I partnered with James Cruz to complete this in-class assignment.

General Synopsis: Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Another example (by a UMW student): http://ds106.us/wp-content/audio/audio_story.mp3

We went on freesound and found a bunch of ambient sounds: Monster by Sea Fury, nightingale indub by suonho, forest-perspectives by dobroide, bushes by schademansevening in the forest by reinsamba, and playground by robinhood76.

In the beginning of the story, there are kids playing outside and birds chirping. This creates a mother naturey kind of mood. The setting is out in the woods. As you listen to the children playing and having fun, one kid shouts: “Watch out, watch out!” followed by the rustling of bushes. This foreshadows an ominous event that will occur. Even the birds began to fade out right before the atrocious monster roar followed by the echoing of the nightingale. 

One may analyze this story and come to terms that the monster really did consume the children, and I have no objection over that! Initially to me I wanted it to sound like the kids were scared away from the monster but it’s best to leave the observing up to the audience! 🙂

Of course the hardest part for me is figuring out the order of sound effects to produce the most effective and persuasive story. I didn’t have much of a difficult time with the tools thanks to Sarah Parlette, who described the mechanism and usage of the important tools. Enjoy! 

forest and a monster by feng_shui