— fengshui

Aliens Radio Show Process/Commentary

During this week and the past week, my group and I have met up twice to discuss the structure and content of our alien radio show. At our first meeting, Sarah proposed a provocative idea — aliens! Her friend, Don Goff is our main source of all these alien information and the reason why we are using aliens for our radio show is all because of Don Goff, so major kudos to him and Sarah! We decided collectively to do an interview with mister Goff informing our audience the existence of aliens because as we might not know it, there just could be other life forms out there besides humans. While Sarah interviewed Don Goff, James and I worked on bumpers and commercials. The next time we met, most of the recordings was already finished and mashed together, so all we need to do now is to fix/edit some transitions or technicality and we should have this show completed. Major thanks to Sarah, who’s done so much for this group and the project itself; interviews and a bumper, and thanks to James for helping me with commercials and bumpers. Tune in for more updates on WA51 Network! 🙂