— fengshui

Update on WA51 Network Final Radio Show

I am so glad our final radio show is coming together so well. To wrap up on our alien show, James re-edited his intro and outro (because of the feedback and lack of a quality mic). He then sent me both tracks via soundcloud and I performed some revisions and synchronized all of the tracks together so that it sounds coherent and smooth. I did, however, encounter a few problems with audacity. For instance, I had problems with cutting out a segment or piece of a track, but I soon realized for that to work, I had to first press the ‘stop’ button. There were other minor issues I had with audacity but with the help of one of my group members, Sarah Parlette, I easily overcame them. Although I was neither part of the interview nor spoke, I still helped out with the editing and combining tracks to form a coherent and cohesive story, forming a commercial with various “alien” soundtracks pulled from youtube, and found inspiration from a well known former broadcaster for alien shows named Art Bell (thanks to Jim Groom!).

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Parlette and James Cruz on this provocative alien radio show. It surely is a one of a kind and not to mention, controversial topic to inform, advertise, and perhaps influence. A huge shout-out to Don Goff who took time out of his hands to contribute a wealth of insights as well as his own personal beliefs in this project. Also, thank you Sarah for proposing this alien phenomenon and James who helped me with commercials as well as being the intro/outro/host. Those who will be listening, I hope you enjoy this radio show as I have in the form of partaking it!