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April 7th, 2012 Daily archive

Synopsis: Take a favorite cartoon or anime like show, take some clips, mash them together and add music to it. Try to pick out a specific theme in your clips that follow the theme of the music. Keep an eye out for changes in the music and plan your clips accordingly.

For examples check out youtube and type in “AMV”, or look at this one.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8vvTQDrPec

At first glimpse of this assignment, I became super excited to do it. I knew the exact anime I wanted to use — Full Metal Alchemist. There were just too many awesome scenes and characters that I could use for a music video. Of course I would use sound tracks and OST’s from the actual anime because it sounds best when the audio were from the anime. I went on Youtube to find the scenes I wanted to incorporate along with its sound tracks. Then I went on keepvid to download the videos and vidtomp3 to download the sound track. I opened MPEG and imported the videos to remove all audio before opening it on windows live movie maker. Here is where I have been having some major computer issues. 

So I opened WLMM and began trimming and editing videos. 30 minutes into editing and an error bar about to windows live movie maker popped up. I ignored it but then all of a sudden a blue screen popped up with a warning label explaining that my laptop has crashed and restarted itself. I was so frustrated because I didn’t save any of my work but thankfully, I wasn’t too far into the editing process and I knew what I was doing. However, the second time before my laptop crashed again, I was working on my music video and I noticed the top screen looked a little weird. There appeared to be some squiggly lines and it looked like there was some system malfunctioning going on. That was the precursor to the blue screen appearing and my laptop crashed again (but this time I saved my video). Now I fear that every time I use my WLMM, my laptop will crash. So I guess I’ll finish the rest of my work on James’ laptop (which will be hard for him because he also needs to work on his 15 stars). I’ll update more details later. 

video & sound track sources: clip 1,  clip 2, clip 3clip 4, clip 5, clip 6, sound 1



I actually cut out a lot of scenes and sound tracks. The video was supposed to turn out 6 minutes long but I decided to cut down to half, 3 minutes. Nobody wants to listen to a 6 minute video (and plus, most of the songs were sad and gloomy) and the video was dragging too long. To help with transitioning from a sound track to another, I faded the music to ‘medium’ to make the sound flow more smoothly. I am a lot more familiar with WLMM now than when I first accessed it, which helps a lot because now it’s easier to make revisions. Anyways, here you go! 4 stars

FMA music video from Feng Chen on Vimeo.

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Synopsis: Take your favorite movie trailer and mash it up with a different trailer to completely change the meaning of the original trailer. For example, if you have a funny movie trailer, give it the sound of a terrifying movie; or vice versa. You may need to clip the audio or the visual, use imovie and audacity to cut the clips to give you what you need. Good luck!

Here we go… Honestly it never crossed my mind that this 5 star video assignment would take me such a short amount of time to finish. But I did. It was really difficult to come up with two movies that would provoke a different response when combined. I went through other peoples’ works, trying to figure out the best way to approach this assignment. After watching a couple of videos, a spark of idea came to me. I was inspired by Alan Levine’s Driving Groovy mashup. I realized an aspect to creating a successful mashup is to find a key element evident in both trailers. I went back on Youtube and searched for The Little Mermaid trailer (because it’s my all time favourite disney film). I noticed the theatrical element was apparent in the trailer, so I brainstormed some other theatrical movies and Glee popped up. Of course Glee is known as one of the most popular theatrical/musicals in the TV world so it sounds logical to pair them both. I also thought the song best matches the trailer because it relates to the theme of youth and ignorance. 

Process: I downloaded the Little Mermaid trailer using keepvid and the song “We Are Young” (Glee version) from vidtomp3. Then I opened MPEG and stripped audio from The Little Mermaid trailer. I opened the trailer onto windows live movie maker and so began the long process of video editing (or so I thought). Who would’ve thought the song easily aligned with the video. Of course not all parts of the lyrics harmonized with the visuals, but for the most part, there was fluidity. I rearranged and trimmed 4 parts of the clip to best align with the lyrics and even slowed the speed of the video on some sections. These tools were used all to create a sense of fluidity and coherence. I am pleased with the outcome of my work but I feel that it would have been a greater achievement if I used two completely opposing themes and trailers. Still, I hope you enjoy my mashup, and please comment if you like it! 🙂 Thanks. 4 stars

The Little Mermaid & Glee Mashup from Feng Chen on Vimeo.

sources: “We Are Young” & The Little Mermaid trailer

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Synopsis: Create a five second video of one archetype from five different movies cutting together one second of each. Examples could include: Prisoners, Thieves, Beauty Queens, Kings, Robin Hoods, James Bonds, Bank Robbers, Assassins, Bad Boys, Kung Fu Masters, Femme Fatales, Sports Heroes, High School Bullies, Rogue Police Officers, Brainiacs, Pregnancies, Principals, Mean Teachers, InspirationalTeachers, Gunslingers, Gangsters, Monsters, Bartenders, Warrior Princesses, Swordsman, Knights, Mad Scientists, Nerd Girls, Obstructive Bureaucrats, Sidekicks, Wise Old Men, Hardboiled Detectives, Tough Coaches, Swooning Ladies. Check out an example here: http://www.michaelbransonsmith.net/blog/2012/03/26/dollhouse-of-nerd-girls/

For this video assignment, I chose to make a compilation of disney princess villains from five different films. First I used keepvid to download the scenes where the villain’s true colours are unleashed. It took me about an hour to decide whether or not to remove the audio and provide background music. But I settled on using the original audio because it took too long to think of a song that would fit with the scenes. I then went into windows live movie maker to cut the specific scenes, keeping in mind the one second mark of each scene. I think anyone can agree that cutting each scene down to a second is probably the hardest, if not, one of the hardest part of this assignment. The trim tool is my best friend. It aided all problems I had with cutting out a specific scene. I tried my best aiming for the 5sec mark (got down to 6secs!), but I think I did a decent job since splicing down to 5 seconds is kind of tough. I really enjoyed playing with this video assignment. Hope you like it! 🙂 3 stars!


I thought it was pretty clever to end the last second with Princess Aurora following the evil green light, as if exiting the scene.

Disney archetypes from Feng Chen on Vimeo.

Also, from now on, I will upload video assignments to Vimeo since Youtube banned my first “copyright infringement” video.

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