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April 15th, 2012 Daily archive

TDC97 image: Take a photo of a bumper sticker; what is the relation to the vehicle it’s on? 

South of the Border. The owner of the vehicle might reside in the southern states?

bumper sticker

TDC95 image: Take a photo from behind someone’s head looking at something.

fb, huh?

TDC93 image: Make a hat and tiny eyes photo

hat   tiny eyes, literally

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Sunday, April 15

It’s so HOT outside! My parents came today and brought me homemade food along with summer clothes and a passport for financial aid purposes. In return, I packed a suitcase of winter clothes and other materials that I no longer need for the rest of the semester. We briefly talked about what I will be doing during the summer and how life is back home for them. Then they left as my friends came to get me for dinner. I wish they would stay longer though because I have missed them :(. But then again there’s only two more weeks of school left till summer and I’ll be back home for two weeks until summer classes commence. For now, I’ll just worry about finals and applying for summer volunteering at Mary Wash Hospital. Taking things one step at a time…



so artsy fartsy


why so down?



hey James whatcha doing? 😉

Saturday, April 14

I woke up to what sounds like an incoherent mash of loud, deep bass, sappy kids playing outside, drums, instrumental music, and an echo-y speaker with his/her mic turned up all the way. Needless to say, it was not pleasant. But this is multicultural fair which happens every year during Springtime. I have just completed my final 6 stars, so a total of 15/15 stars for the week. I still have much homework to do in other classes but for now I think I will contribute to the in[SPIRE] page and listen/watch to everythingisaremix video before heading out to join in the fair event. I wish I had stayed at the fair but I went to James’ apartment to watch Avatar instead. Then came back to my dorm to finish up assignments. But I took pictures of the fair so at least I was there.. for a brief moment. 



Moon bounce!!


Friday, April 13

It’s Friday but it feels like Wednesday, or Thursday. And it’s the 13th… but I don’t believe in that superstitious stuff. Anywho, I went to classes, came back, and got a remix assignments done. I had dinner with SHH at the CCC (Christian Community Church?) and now I am being productive and knocking down some homework at a friend’s dorm. At 7pm, I went to the Awake tour playing at Ball Circle that was hosted by the prayer furnace. I was fortunate enough to witness a powerful wave of worship among students and members of the Fredericksburg community, and listened to a testimony preached by a distinguished member of the prayer furnace. I am so lucky to be part of a huge movement of intercession and worship. Here are some pictures and a video. 🙂 

blinding light

campus at sunset
campus at sunset

singing & worshipping
the awakening tour!

more worship

singing & worshiping

"the awakening"

Thursday, April 12

A pretty relaxing day. I had a little nail polish party with some friends, punctuated with some of our favourite Korean pop music. Later, I watched some Avatar with James. I’m kind of stoked for the weekend because I’m really looking forward to the Video Games Olympics that I will attend. 🙂 Not that I’m good at video games at all.. but I have been wanting to play DDR or Dance Dance Revolution! Also, there’s the Multicultural Fair to look forward to. I am super excited! 


Anne is concentrating really hard on polishing her nails..


Gradient from blue to green.


Gradient from red to purple.


Ta-daa! You dig? I do.


Jojo is using a mocha coffee bottle cap in essence for painting her nails. It’s kind of a new technique.


Yay colours!


Wednesday, April 11

I received full marks on my Bio presentation!! Woooo. That brightened up my day a heck of a lot more. Anyway, my schedule ran like it normally would. I had classes in the morning till 2pm. After classes, I enjoyed and a had a nice conversation with one of my Bio group members at Sweet Frog. She is the kindest, motivational, and humble girl I have ever met. Just being in her presence makes me feel a whole lot ..how should I say, enlightened? Even her ethnicity is special. Maybe I’m exaggerating it a little but I’m just fortunate to have met someone like her. She makes me want to become a better person. That’s the best way I can put it that wouldn’t sound weird, I guess. So yeah, we had Sweet Frog, it was wonderful, and then we went to Giant to buy me some milk & cereal. I went back home and did some “homework.” Then I watched Avatar the Last Air bender at James’ casa because we’re cool like that. And that pretty much summed up my day. 



Tuesday, April 10

There was a fire alarm at 3am in the morning in Willard which alarmed and angered me because I was already fast asleep and had a class at 8am the next day. We were already through with fire drills and I overheard someone had set off a real fire and that this is not a drill, but fortunately, that’s not the case. One of the RA’s said the fire alarm was triggered by a heat pump(?) and it may be occur again. Cross my fingers and hope for a restful night. Besides that, the weather has just been so wonderful lately. I had a Biology presentation today that went really well and received full marks on it :). And we finished dissecting a fetal pig but I’ll spare the atrocity of it all. After morning classes, I napped a bit (but not really) outside with friends. Then I had dinner, ds106 class, and SHH meeting. Now I’m back home and getting ready to do some reading. See ya!

Monday, April 9

Homework, homework, homework. What can I say?

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I am late on this blog post which should’ve been posted last week but it’s never too late to start blogging! Having finished watching all four videos of Everything Is A Remix, I am pretty neutral on the central idea of taking an existing material to produce something new. I think it’s part of the movement that people are always trying to create something new by copying and transforming an existing material. I think that’s how people expand on their creativity. Ferguson’s second video of Everything Is A Remix is quite an eye-opener. It’s so fascinating how he draws out all the derivative movies such as Star Trek films, Friday the 13th films, and James Bond movies. I knew there were many renditions of movies but not as many as the ones that were illustrated in the video. The third video really made me think. Ferguson narrated the underlying principle that scientific inventions were also a part of the remix movement. Ferguson introduced the notion of science as “a continual line of invention by many different people.” The way he approached this idea by implementing science as a remix is in a way mind-shattering to me because I have grown up learning and re-learning that Henry Ford did invent the automobile and Thomas Edison did invent the first light bulb. But one thing I now know for sure is these were the first people to make scientific advancements and improvements on the pre-existing materials, thus remixing played a major part during the Industrial Revolution.

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