— fengshui

Week 13 of final project

Sunday, April 22

It is rainy and cloudy outside and I’ve got a set of other problems — homework, studying, and presentations all coming up too soon. I have already created two more assignments which I will later complete with my own take on the assignments. A friend gave me a ride to the bank of america ATM to deposit a refund check; came back, did some homework, and went to the library to finish researching for a presentation on Tuesday. Sadly, I left my umbrella back home (Nova) so I had to walk in the rain with my hoodie up. I came back to my dorm, revised an English essay and played some fruit ninja before studying for Biology. I’m also feeling a little hot on the head recently and that’s definitely not a good sign…


rain shower. what a lovely sight.


this was not taken on my account.



Saturday, April 21

From 10 in the morning till 2pm, SHH held a car wash fundraiser behind chick-fil-a. A couple people held up posters alongside the road for cars to see and the rest were either waiting for cars to wash or in the process of cleaning cars. In the end of the day, we made a total of ~$250, which is not so bad for standing outside for 4 hours. We came back to campus and had lunch. Then I watched some Avatar and took a little nap (but not really).



doggy in the fountain?!




tired from car wash

Friday, April 20

Today started off with a very “dreamy floating” day quoted from Alan Levine’s daily create photo. I was very spacey and procrastinated on work, but eventually I got them done. I scheduled a meeting at the writing center, posted SHH scavenger hunt fliers on buildings, inquired Mary Washington hospital, and studied for a little bit. Then I had dinner with James and watched some anime before doing some homework. Some of my friends came over to James’ apartment and we all watched some TV show.





Thursday, April 19

Oh man, I’ve been so so tired but that doesn’t mean work goes away by itself. But I took a long 3 hours nap today! I feel a little better after waking up but still drowsy. 🙁 I went to class and then had lunch, went to James’ apartment to watch some Avatar before going back to my dorm and studying before IV large group. And.. that’s pretty much it.

Wednesday, April 18

Running on a tight schedule under a rainy/windy day. Went to classes, came back and did some homework before lunch, and then went to visit and see a friend’s house that I will be renting this summer. Then went to Lee to take care of a financial aid document for next year. After, I went back to my dorm, gathered my books and laptop and headed over to the library to meet with a friend for a presentation project coming up. I came back to my dorm, had dinner in a little bit, and went to small group bible study. Now I am back at my dorm and studying for finals. PHEW. 

rainy walkway


trying to be artsy.

Tuesday, April 17

Woke up, went to Monroe to print my paper, went to class, took my biology lab test, had lunch, chilled for 2-3 hours before dinner, dinner @ BCM, went to ds106 class, then to Sweet Frog, SHH meeting, and finally back home. Trouble Tuesdays.


eagle swoop?



Sweet Frogg





I love clouds

Monday, April 16

Spent the day cramming on last minute english paper and studying for my biology lab test for tomorrow. AHHHH!!