— fengshui

Digital Diary – Final Project Analysis

I’m not sure when I figured out what I wanted to do for my final project, but the main inspiration behind it came with the idea of blogging daily creates. At the end of each week, we are to blog at least three daily creates, and so I integrated that process to blogging about my mood for each day, provided with pictures that depict how I feel. At first I wanted the pictures to do all the talking and telling but then I unconsciously start summarizing my day and what I did. So pretty much I had 7 days a week’s worth of my life at Mary Washington, compressed to a blog post. A few weeks going into the final project, I had ambivalent feelings of keeping my diary “interesting,” but that quickly disappeared as I saw comments from Brian, Emily, James, and Prof. Groom. Honestly I’ve never written/typed so much in a diary, let alone a digital diary for a set amount of weeks. So scanning through blog post after blog post, I finally start to see my final project come to life. This diary also gives me a chance to be creative and artsy with photography that I found compelling since the beginning of the photography chapter in ds106 (actually, since ever.) I’m kind of a big fan of photography in general. 

Similar to a notebook diary, a digital diary is just another mode for storytelling. The process of constantly sharing, photographing, sympathizing, and creating is to form something that the majority of people can either relate or understand. This is my story.