— fengshui

Last post! bye bye, ds106 :(

I am really sad. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was polishing my photoshop skills? Where did time go? I’ve mentally check-marked everything off on wrapping up ds106.

  • I have written/typed three blog posts; this one, one for final project, and a reflection video blog post.
  • I scheduled a meeting with Prof Groom for my ds106 portfolio on Friday at 4pm.
  • I’ve organized my blog (reference to pages below header) according to assignment types, TDCs, best works, tutorials, and assignments created with the exception of course participation because I was excused by Prof Groom himself that I need not to provide proof for comments/participation. (thanks, Prof Groom! you’re the best)
  • I’ve made a backup on UMW blogs and imported/exported everything from this blog. I also indicate the URL for my UMW blogs on my main ds106 website. At this point, I’m probably going to let go of my blog 🙁 I’m not very good with keeping up with blogs in general so I doubt I’ll be using it much. But keeping up with this blog has been such a blast and I’ll miss blogging about assignments very much!
  • I’ve made my final project and final video post! Go look for it 🙂

And ..that’s a wrap.