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Synopsis: Create a five second video of one archetype from five different movies cutting together one second of each. Examples could include: Prisoners, Thieves, Beauty Queens, Kings, Robin Hoods, James Bonds, Bank Robbers, Assassins, Bad Boys, Kung Fu Masters, Femme Fatales, Sports Heroes, High School Bullies, Rogue Police Officers, Brainiacs, Pregnancies, Principals, Mean Teachers, InspirationalTeachers, Gunslingers, Gangsters, Monsters, Bartenders, Warrior Princesses, Swordsman, Knights, Mad Scientists, Nerd Girls, Obstructive Bureaucrats, Sidekicks, Wise Old Men, Hardboiled Detectives, Tough Coaches, Swooning Ladies. Check out an example here: http://www.michaelbransonsmith.net/blog/2012/03/26/dollhouse-of-nerd-girls/

For this video assignment, I chose to make a compilation of disney princess villains from five different films. First I used keepvid to download the scenes where the villain’s true colours are unleashed. It took me about an hour to decide whether or not to remove the audio and provide background music. But I settled on using the original audio because it took too long to think of a song that would fit with the scenes. I then went into windows live movie maker to cut the specific scenes, keeping in mind the one second mark of each scene. I think anyone can agree that cutting each scene down to a second is probably the hardest, if not, one of the hardest part of this assignment. The trim tool is my best friend. It aided all problems I had with cutting out a specific scene. I tried my best aiming for the 5sec mark (got down to 6secs!), but I think I did a decent job since splicing down to 5 seconds is kind of tough. I really enjoyed playing with this video assignment. Hope you like it! 🙂 3 stars!


I thought it was pretty clever to end the last second with Princess Aurora following the evil green light, as if exiting the scene.

Disney archetypes from Feng Chen on Vimeo.

Also, from now on, I will upload video assignments to Vimeo since Youtube banned my first “copyright infringement” video.

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