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I am late on this blog post which should’ve been posted last week but it’s never too late to start blogging! Having finished watching all four videos of Everything Is A Remix, I am pretty neutral on the central idea of taking an existing material to produce something new. I think it’s part of the movement that people are always trying to create something new by copying and transforming an existing material. I think that’s how people expand on their creativity. Ferguson’s second video of Everything Is A Remix is quite an eye-opener. It’s so fascinating how he draws out all the derivative movies such as Star Trek films, Friday the 13th films, and James Bond movies. I knew there were many renditions of movies but not as many as the ones that were illustrated in the video. The third video really made me think. Ferguson narrated the underlying principle that scientific inventions were also a part of the remix movement. Ferguson introduced the notion of science as “a continual line of invention by many different people.” The way he approached this idea by implementing science as a remix is in a way mind-shattering to me because I have grown up learning and re-learning that Henry Ford did invent the automobile and Thomas Edison did invent the first light bulb. But one thing I now know for sure is these were the first people to make scientific advancements and improvements on the pre-existing materials, thus remixing played a major part during the Industrial Revolution.

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