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I’m not sure when I figured out what I wanted to do for my final project, but the main inspiration behind it came with the idea of blogging daily creates. At the end of each week, we are to blog at least three daily creates, and so I integrated that process to blogging about my mood for each day, provided with pictures that depict how I feel. At first I wanted the pictures to do all the talking and telling but then I unconsciously start summarizing my day and what I did. So pretty much I had 7 days a week’s worth of my life at Mary Washington, compressed to a blog post. A few weeks going into the final project, I had ambivalent feelings of keeping my diary “interesting,” but that quickly disappeared as I saw comments from Brian, Emily, James, and Prof. Groom. Honestly I’ve never written/typed so much in a diary, let alone a digital diary for a set amount of weeks. So scanning through blog post after blog post, I finally start to see my final project come to life. This diary also gives me a chance to be creative and artsy with photography that I found compelling since the beginning of the photography chapter in ds106 (actually, since ever.) I’m kind of a big fan of photography in general. 

Similar to a notebook diary, a digital diary is just another mode for storytelling. The process of constantly sharing, photographing, sympathizing, and creating is to form something that the majority of people can either relate or understand. This is my story. 

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Sunday, April 22

It is rainy and cloudy outside and I’ve got a set of other problems — homework, studying, and presentations all coming up too soon. I have already created two more assignments which I will later complete with my own take on the assignments. A friend gave me a ride to the bank of america ATM to deposit a refund check; came back, did some homework, and went to the library to finish researching for a presentation on Tuesday. Sadly, I left my umbrella back home (Nova) so I had to walk in the rain with my hoodie up. I came back to my dorm, revised an English essay and played some fruit ninja before studying for Biology. I’m also feeling a little hot on the head recently and that’s definitely not a good sign…


rain shower. what a lovely sight.


this was not taken on my account.



Saturday, April 21

From 10 in the morning till 2pm, SHH held a car wash fundraiser behind chick-fil-a. A couple people held up posters alongside the road for cars to see and the rest were either waiting for cars to wash or in the process of cleaning cars. In the end of the day, we made a total of ~$250, which is not so bad for standing outside for 4 hours. We came back to campus and had lunch. Then I watched some Avatar and took a little nap (but not really).



doggy in the fountain?!




tired from car wash

Friday, April 20

Today started off with a very “dreamy floating” day quoted from Alan Levine’s daily create photo. I was very spacey and procrastinated on work, but eventually I got them done. I scheduled a meeting at the writing center, posted SHH scavenger hunt fliers on buildings, inquired Mary Washington hospital, and studied for a little bit. Then I had dinner with James and watched some anime before doing some homework. Some of my friends came over to James’ apartment and we all watched some TV show.





Thursday, April 19

Oh man, I’ve been so so tired but that doesn’t mean work goes away by itself. But I took a long 3 hours nap today! I feel a little better after waking up but still drowsy. 🙁 I went to class and then had lunch, went to James’ apartment to watch some Avatar before going back to my dorm and studying before IV large group. And.. that’s pretty much it.

Wednesday, April 18

Running on a tight schedule under a rainy/windy day. Went to classes, came back and did some homework before lunch, and then went to visit and see a friend’s house that I will be renting this summer. Then went to Lee to take care of a financial aid document for next year. After, I went back to my dorm, gathered my books and laptop and headed over to the library to meet with a friend for a presentation project coming up. I came back to my dorm, had dinner in a little bit, and went to small group bible study. Now I am back at my dorm and studying for finals. PHEW. 

rainy walkway


trying to be artsy.

Tuesday, April 17

Woke up, went to Monroe to print my paper, went to class, took my biology lab test, had lunch, chilled for 2-3 hours before dinner, dinner @ BCM, went to ds106 class, then to Sweet Frog, SHH meeting, and finally back home. Trouble Tuesdays.


eagle swoop?



Sweet Frogg





I love clouds

Monday, April 16

Spent the day cramming on last minute english paper and studying for my biology lab test for tomorrow. AHHHH!!

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Sunday, April 15

It’s so HOT outside! My parents came today and brought me homemade food along with summer clothes and a passport for financial aid purposes. In return, I packed a suitcase of winter clothes and other materials that I no longer need for the rest of the semester. We briefly talked about what I will be doing during the summer and how life is back home for them. Then they left as my friends came to get me for dinner. I wish they would stay longer though because I have missed them :(. But then again there’s only two more weeks of school left till summer and I’ll be back home for two weeks until summer classes commence. For now, I’ll just worry about finals and applying for summer volunteering at Mary Wash Hospital. Taking things one step at a time…



so artsy fartsy


why so down?



hey James whatcha doing? 😉

Saturday, April 14

I woke up to what sounds like an incoherent mash of loud, deep bass, sappy kids playing outside, drums, instrumental music, and an echo-y speaker with his/her mic turned up all the way. Needless to say, it was not pleasant. But this is multicultural fair which happens every year during Springtime. I have just completed my final 6 stars, so a total of 15/15 stars for the week. I still have much homework to do in other classes but for now I think I will contribute to the in[SPIRE] page and listen/watch to everythingisaremix video before heading out to join in the fair event. I wish I had stayed at the fair but I went to James’ apartment to watch Avatar instead. Then came back to my dorm to finish up assignments. But I took pictures of the fair so at least I was there.. for a brief moment. 



Moon bounce!!


Friday, April 13

It’s Friday but it feels like Wednesday, or Thursday. And it’s the 13th… but I don’t believe in that superstitious stuff. Anywho, I went to classes, came back, and got a remix assignments done. I had dinner with SHH at the CCC (Christian Community Church?) and now I am being productive and knocking down some homework at a friend’s dorm. At 7pm, I went to the Awake tour playing at Ball Circle that was hosted by the prayer furnace. I was fortunate enough to witness a powerful wave of worship among students and members of the Fredericksburg community, and listened to a testimony preached by a distinguished member of the prayer furnace. I am so lucky to be part of a huge movement of intercession and worship. Here are some pictures and a video. 🙂 

blinding light

campus at sunset
campus at sunset

singing & worshipping
the awakening tour!

more worship

singing & worshiping

"the awakening"

Thursday, April 12

A pretty relaxing day. I had a little nail polish party with some friends, punctuated with some of our favourite Korean pop music. Later, I watched some Avatar with James. I’m kind of stoked for the weekend because I’m really looking forward to the Video Games Olympics that I will attend. 🙂 Not that I’m good at video games at all.. but I have been wanting to play DDR or Dance Dance Revolution! Also, there’s the Multicultural Fair to look forward to. I am super excited! 


Anne is concentrating really hard on polishing her nails..


Gradient from blue to green.


Gradient from red to purple.


Ta-daa! You dig? I do.


Jojo is using a mocha coffee bottle cap in essence for painting her nails. It’s kind of a new technique.


Yay colours!


Wednesday, April 11

I received full marks on my Bio presentation!! Woooo. That brightened up my day a heck of a lot more. Anyway, my schedule ran like it normally would. I had classes in the morning till 2pm. After classes, I enjoyed and a had a nice conversation with one of my Bio group members at Sweet Frog. She is the kindest, motivational, and humble girl I have ever met. Just being in her presence makes me feel a whole lot ..how should I say, enlightened? Even her ethnicity is special. Maybe I’m exaggerating it a little but I’m just fortunate to have met someone like her. She makes me want to become a better person. That’s the best way I can put it that wouldn’t sound weird, I guess. So yeah, we had Sweet Frog, it was wonderful, and then we went to Giant to buy me some milk & cereal. I went back home and did some “homework.” Then I watched Avatar the Last Air bender at James’ casa because we’re cool like that. And that pretty much summed up my day. 



Tuesday, April 10

There was a fire alarm at 3am in the morning in Willard which alarmed and angered me because I was already fast asleep and had a class at 8am the next day. We were already through with fire drills and I overheard someone had set off a real fire and that this is not a drill, but fortunately, that’s not the case. One of the RA’s said the fire alarm was triggered by a heat pump(?) and it may be occur again. Cross my fingers and hope for a restful night. Besides that, the weather has just been so wonderful lately. I had a Biology presentation today that went really well and received full marks on it :). And we finished dissecting a fetal pig but I’ll spare the atrocity of it all. After morning classes, I napped a bit (but not really) outside with friends. Then I had dinner, ds106 class, and SHH meeting. Now I’m back home and getting ready to do some reading. See ya!

Monday, April 9

Homework, homework, homework. What can I say?

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Sunday, April 8 

Happy Easter!! My family doesn’t really celebrate this traditional holiday but I do because it holds religious significance for me. Anyway, I woke up spent the day chilling and doing homework at James’ apartment. (once again…) 





Saturday, April 7

Woke up at 11:30am! Spent the day at James’ apartment working real hard on these video/mashup assignments. So far I have completed 22 stars for weeks 9-11. 8 more stars to finish by Sunday! Oh I also made a little adventure to the newly constructed Sweet Frog right by Giant. 


Stumbled upon this pretty little stream on my way to seaco.



Mary Wash is so beautiful in the spring.


I’m addicted and I just can’t get enough..

Friday, April 6

Wait what… today’s Friday? Guess I’ll spend it working on ds106 video assignments. 🙂 

Thursday, April 5

Today has been a relatively productive and fun day. I had a study party with a friend, went to noodles & company for dinner, studied some more, and watched… Teen Wolf with friends because I don’t watch that kind of show alone. 


I always love this little river(?) that flows below the bridge to the nest.



My favorite spot on campus so far. I love walking through this bridge (or whatever you want to call it). I can admire the river on the left and lovely bushes and leaves on the right. Of course I had to edit the picture to create this nature-y effect that really brings out the true beauty of this scene.


we are being really productive… really. 🙂


Captured inside a moving car, on our way to noodles & company.


Yeah, we finished everything. No big deal.


besties #4life.


how cute. playing VIDEO GAMES.


Wednesday, April 4

The weather’s been treating me very well today. So how can I not take a picture today? I hope it stays wonderful the rest of the week because I definitely need something to look forward to besides all these tests and assignments due. 




Tuesday, April 3

Read, study, homework, life problems, etc etc etc.

Monday, April 2

I have been very productive today. I registered for Fall 2012 classes, studied for upcoming bio test, studied for upcoming health test, and researched a bit on nursing programs. I also plan on taking summer classes for my intended major. I count today as a good day. 🙂 

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Sunday, April 1

April Fool’s! 🙂 ’nuff said. 

Saturday, March 31

Volleyball Tournament is here and I woke up late – around 8ish (because I was supposed to wake up at 7am to help set-up) Ouch. By the time 10 – 11 rolled around, we had everything set up and teams were arriving to register! I helped out with passing out raffle tickets for people to pick and choose for their prizes. I believe we had over 13 teams out on Ball Circle (although there were a couple teams who had not shown up) and no single rain drop from the sky so this fundraiser was a huge success! After passing out tickets for teams that have registered, I was then stationed at the cotton candy machine. I’ve never had so much cotton candy in my life.. I probably had around 7 rolls (eek! too much sugar). Other than cotton candy, there were food, water, entertainment (i.e. PAC dancers, Bhangra Beat, and a band). Overall the volleyball tournament was fun to watch (other SHHers participated in the game) and I think it was very successful with one exception… the police stopped by to notified us a complaint from the community. Our music was too loud. Bummer. Oh well, I had a good day, and now I’m spending the rest studying. Good night 🙂 

Friday, March 30

Finally, Friday is here!! Relieved and looking forward to SHH (Students Helping Honduras) Volleyball Tournament tomorrow!! 🙂

Thursday, March 29

My mood has been just great lately :). Not to mention, today’s weather was gorgeous! I was ecstatic to have a little reunion with a friend who I haven’t seen since last year. She brought her dog, Sophie (who I’ve missed so much!), and we had lunch outside the nest enjoying the beautiful weather. We caught up with chapters in our lives, new and old, and I was happy to hear that she is coming back next semester for classes. To sum it up, today’s been a good day. Stress is at an optimal level, so that’s not too bad. Anyway, I’m going to get back to studying for biology. See ya. 🙂

Lauren and I on a sunny day :)

Wednesday, March 28

Tonight I have received a phone call from my brother and mother and we had the best, one of the most memorable conversations ever. I can’t explain all the details because it’s all confidential, but it was one of those few bonding moments that legitimately made me really really happy. I just can’t explain in words. That phone call was the highlight of my day, and I’m glad to be in this emotional position because I feel a lot less stressful. That’s all, good night. 🙂 

mommy :)

Tuesday, March 27

It is cold/windy out! I have spent the day bundled up inside (and took occasional visits to the nest for food) working on typical homework. Nothing surprising. 

homeworkk yay!

Monday, March 26

I just realized there are only 5 more weeks of school left till summer! But.. I’m not excited. Because I’ll be taking summer classes for Chemistry 🙁 Booo… Anyway, today I spent the entire day studying. Feels like a habit now – wake up, go to class, come back from class, advisor meeting, lunch, bio study session, come back to dorm, study for 5 hours, dinner, more studying. This is my life right now and it sucks because my stress meter has just gone up 10 fold since spring break. But what are the positives? Well.. I’m being very productive and studious, like a good college student should be. But.. my social life has totally gone down the drain. I need to work on that. Well, I better get back to *studying* for my two tests tomorrow. I didn’t take any pictures for today since I’ve spent pretty much all day burying my head in the books. :'(

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