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Synopsis: For this assignment, select scenes from 3-5 movies. These scenes should represent scenes that changed your life or made some sort of dramatic, traumatic, lasting, or emotional impact on you. When you have selected those scenes, create a video that shows the scenes and includes audio/video of you describing what it is about the scene that made a significant impact on you, what you are fond of about the scenes, what scares you, what you remember thinking when you were a child, etc. Feel free to be liberal in your interpretation of the instructions. Keep in mind, however, that the primary point is to recall 3-5 movie scenes that have made a lasting impact on you (whatever the reason for that impact may be.) When you are finished, upload the video to your blog, and, If you are inspired, expand on the reasons why you connect with the specific scenes in your video. Check out an example here: http://blog.rossannamarie.me/movie-scenes/

I knew I had to do this video assignment because I just have a mental archive of a lot of great, inspiring, and emotional movies I have ever seen. There were just too many awesome films, but I went with the top three that first popped in my head. In my video, I talked about The Time Traveller’s Wife, Toy Story 3, and Ip Man. At first I tried to keep the video short but I didn’t want to chop out too many sections of a scene because I was afraid the fluidity and sequence would be lost. I’m pretty confident eight minutes wouldn’t really bore anyone since these are scenes are pretty darn appealing. Let me know what you think! 

Movie Scenes that Changed our Lives from Feng Chen on Vimeo.

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