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Remix value: 6 stars!

Original Assignment: Minimlist Travel Posters Based in Movies created by Jim Groom
Create a minimalistic travel poster for a location in film, TV series, etc. Look at these awesome examples using the various locations in the original Star Wars trilogy: http://screenrant.com/sr-pick-minimalist-star-wars-travel-posters-robf-44551/

Remix card: Pollack Style 

Take any assignment and introduce the visual elements of a Jackson Pollack painting (good luck with audio, use your creativity!).

I used Danielle Minter’s spooky beauty and the beast travel poster into a pollack style painting, or so I attempted. The site for Jack’s  Pollack paintings gave forth many ideas of what style I want the remix poster to look like. I decided to create a haunted and abandoned castle in addition to the already spooky effect. To do this I would use the sketchy, trail, and sticky pencil type tools on pixlr. Then I used the pinch tool and sharpen tool on the wording for a subtle dramatization effect. Lastly, I used the spot heal tool on the edges of the castle for an even spookier look. A wild idea formed in my head as I finished up this assignment. I thought maybe I could give life to the castle by making it into an animation and adding audio, but I realized that I don’t have Photoshop. It would be really neat to hear and see the lightning strike, and I’m sure that would ignite fear or any other raw emotion in a few people. But I hope you enjoy the remix as is! 🙂 15/15 stars! 

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