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Remixed value: 4 stars

This assignment was SO much fun and amusing. I didn’t get a chance do one of these fat cat assignments before my stars filled up so I took this opportunity to do it.

Original Assignment: Fat Cats make Art Better created by Annie Belle
Using this site: http://fatcatart.ru/category/klassy-ka/ as a platform for ideas, and using Photoshop (or something like it) as your tool, place a fat cat into a photo of a classic art piece. The goal is to make it convincing: make the art become on with the cat. 

Most of all, enjoy! :0) And remember, fat cats make art better. 

Remixed with “Yo Mamma”: Give an assignment a sassy Yo Mama Joke flavor “Yo Mama’s GIF is so slow it looks like a still image”

Inspired by the website Annie Belle provided, I searched and found a Michelangelo painting titled The Creation of Adam using Google images. Unfortunately, my Adobe Photoshop CS5 trial expired so I tried re-downloading it using a different email which failed. Luckily, I found this cool photo editor called pixlr via this person’s blog that features almost the same functions as PS CS5. It was really easy to use and maneuver. I opened the image onto the website and opened the fat cat as a new layer. I then used the eraser tool to erase the background and edges of the cat. Then I used the clone stamp tool to adjust the fat cat’s skin (or fur) tone with the two men in the painting. Lastly I used the sponge tool to saturate and desaturate the colour on the cat’s fur for a more plausible appearance. After editing, I saved the image and opened up cheezburger to give the picture a “Yo Momma” caption.  I was indecisive whether or not to use the phrase “Yo Momma” or “Yo Cat” for the caption, but after a while of earnest thinking, I decided to use the “Yo Cat” since it sounds a lot more attractive. I used this website for a funny “Yo Momma” joke inspiration and ended up using one of its jokes instead: “Yo Cat is so fat she fell in love and broke it.” Enjoy 🙂 

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